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More from school physics course eachhave known that most solid material is diamond in the world. These properties are widely used in construction engineering, and in a cutting (drilling) tool with a diamond tip. Drills and other cutting tools of this type have been successfully used in a situation where you need to drill holes in the unyielding Materiale (compared to metal) - concrete and concrete screeds and floors, brick and masonry. These materials have a heterogeneous structure, hardness, fraction, so when working with them can not do without instruments capable of equally effectively cope with all factions. Here diamond drill significant advantage over simpleof metal (even from high quality tool steel). By the way available on the website: almazbur.kh.ua.

Here are just small examples of how technology is used diamond drilling:

  • sanitary napkin and sanitarytheir routes (pipelines of water supply, sewerage, heating);
  • strip of ventilation systems and air conditioners;
  • Wiring and network cables;
  • probirovaniya monolith concrete or stone (rock);
  • punching deaf niches in the capital and intermediate walls.

technology such work involves making holes in a rather aggressive to the tool environment, causing the beating and overheating. Based on this, to do a good job, a combination of a powerful drilling and coring installationBoers (drill with a diamond head or spray).

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