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< p style = "text-align: left;"> It is often called the student, almost the best period in the lifeand. This new acquaintances, knowledge, more mature view of the world and the first attempts to earn their own money. And the actual freedom of action is not limited to parents at school (provided that the training takes place in another city). But this imposes a certain period to the learning conditions, as claimed in claim significantly differentThe principles of the school. The emphasis is on self-treatment of the material (the further the independence of this becomes more), and key knowledge assessment in the form of independent complex works. The culmination of this process is the development of the graduation project, which should not just show the level of knowledge of the future specialist,and assess its ability to solve typical profile for specialty serious problem in the future professional activity. And here we have a certain gradation of students, those who are seriously engaged in diploma and those who, to put it mildly, scored on him for various reasons (employment, correspondence mode or simply carelessness). In any case, Diplomam will be needed by all, and therefore it is necessary to solve this problem. For such cases, there is a solution in the form of development. Benefit organizations that specialize in this in abundance. Book a better job in a large organization or a proven, because only in this case we can get serious guarantees quality performance. In aobnyh companies employ teachers, students, freelance professionals who have the necessary experience and knowledge to the operational, unique and high-quality performance. Additionally, a corresponding agreement on development, have all warranty and receipt of payment, as well as those. support up to protect.

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