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Learning foreign languages ??is in modern conditions onepriority for the preparation of any person. Thanks to the knowledge of language, especially English, opens up a whole other opportunities in the labor market, tourism and travel and just chat with friends from other countries. Unfortunately understanding of the issue comes in the right scale is only now, as a large percentage of the population remained outsidepriorities and a decent standard of knowledge. However, ignorance of the language does not exempt from the possible need for its use, for example, in working order. For this population, which, moreover, has to work access to PCs and the Internet, invented a program of automatic translation of texts in which the basis of materials taken from the famousGlossary of. Among the most popular among users to automatically include the following:

  • ABBYY Lingvo . The program undoubtedly occupies a leading position. In addition to the basic set, has the ability to install additional databases and dictionaries specialized subjects;
  • PROMT . One of the first programs of this type are designed to transfer individual files, web pages, correspondence messengers;
  • GoldenDic . Free translator, which is characterized by support for exports dictionary databases of different types (including prepreceding two programs);
  • TranslateIt . Free contextual translator for Windows;
  • Babylon . Multilingual language platform that enables you to extend the possibility of transferring up to 70 languages ??and more than 1,500 lexical databases.

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