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Every state has a network of private and The State hasgovernmental institutions. The quality of their work depends on the work of the teaching staff. The only difference between domestic and foreign institutions is the quality of education as well as a diploma (ie he admits States or not). In an environment where anyone can objectively go to study abroad, although the need toI would sort out what and where you would like to learn. If your interest lies in the field of fashion and design, it is better for the Italian Istituto Marangoni hardly find. By the way the company IQ Consultancy: is the official representative of the Istituto Marangoni in the Russian Federation. About as obtainableof education can be judged by the graduates. One of the most famous students of the Institute Marangoni is a famous Italian fashion designer Domenico Dolce. Almost all graduates of the institute have job opportunities in the major fashion houses (Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Versace). The influx of applicants make upie about 2000 people annually. For effective, productive and most importantly teaching is recommended that you know right away three languages: Italian, French and English. Morangoni Institute, since its inception to the present day is the standard of quality for the community of designers and fashion designers. A feature of the Institute is that even the most well-known nredstaviteli with ease and ease of sharing their experiences, and students at the end of the college are almost completely provide jobs. Morangoni Institute invites talented young people from around the world, in order to reveal to them their secrets and form a new generation of super designers.

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