Vase in the interior


The vase is a container of various shapes of glass, clay, porcelain, metal and other materials. PHIPrimer vase - is an elegant piece of furniture, so besides its shape, plays an important role itself Decoration - image, painting, stucco, carving, engraving and so on. Vase - a subject that accompanies man since ancient times. Especially popular and spread vases got in ancient Greece and Rome, where its various modifications (differences between the vasesoh, amphorae, jugs are purely arbitrary) were used for interior decoration with flowers, food storage (spices, oils, grains), wine, spices, gold, and other things. If the ancient vases were more practical function in the modern world, they are most often used as an element of decor, support for flowers, etc. -otichny this element of the interior of any room. Models of vases there are so many in order to satisfy the most sophisticated demands of consumers. They differ in shape, size (from 10 cm to 1 meter), destination (for colors, interior), a place of "installation" (floor, table).

Particularly noteworthy classification materialu vases:

  • glass vase (price, transparency, diversity of forms and colors);
  • porcelain vases (elegant aristocratic appearance, durability, practicality, the possibility of painting);
  • ceramic vases (hand-made, eco-friendliness);
  • crystal vases (and a variety of non-standard forms, refinement, practicality);
  • vases of artificial stone (price-performance ratio, moisture resistance, antibacterial properties).

If you like flowers in the house, vase - is one thing, towh ich always be present in your interior.

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