How to choose the right furniture to the office?


I guess anyone can cope with the purchase of furnitureand for his personal account. To do this it is enough to determine the amount you can spend on furniture and have an aesthetic taste. In this article we would like to draw your attention to certain aspects of the selection of furniture, with the hope that this information will be useful and interesting.

Styles Furniture

Classic - This furniture has stood the test of time and for centuries captivated buyers from different generations. Such furniture attracts a variety of sectors of society. It has a clear and minimalist design, symmetry modules and mature proportions. Characteristic color classicfurniture are plain dark and warm shades. For such furniture used as natural wood and modern board materials, made under a tree. Often, classic style furniture used for insurance companies, banks, large enterprises and successful t. D.

Neoclassic - This is a bit measurablenennaya classic furniture, which is used in the manufacture of low-key, modern decorative elements. This is a kind of attempt at least than a hint at present.

Modern - is a combination of all of the advanced achievements of many stylistic directions proschlo using the most sophisticated ideas withtime. This is a cult of elegance and beauty. Materials which are used - a metal and wood. Modern furniture for the office emphasizes luxury and desire to charm visitors.

Tech - is the complete opposite of the classics. This style is characterized by: glass, metal and modern plascal materials. Special brightness and shine furniture are achieved through the use of modern materials and technologies. Furniture is characterized by colorful and bright colors. Furniture in the style of techno for those who enjoy going to disco and loves to entertain guests extremely bright interiors.

High-tech - the Basics materials used in this area are: Polished metal, plastic, glossy board materials, leather, plexiglass. Furniture is light and practicality. Color - bright-colored and combined. The atmosphere created this style attracts buyers from big cities. Office furniture in high-tech suit modern and stylish people who are tied to modern technology.

Functional furniture

The interior of your office should do the job effectively and successfully, which is why your furniture should be comfortable and convenient. Oftenoffice furniture have the following elements: a stand for the TV, the director's desk, wall (+ wardrobe cabinet for documents) and sometimes a seating area with a desk.

From the rest of the furniture in the office furniture materials and different head sizes. The table has a large size and thick worktop -underscoring the status of the head. Area Director may set includes the following elements: a briefing for visitors consoles, desks, Director, stand stationary or mobile, nightstand or desk assistant to the left or right. Massive heavy table convinces all partners in what your companyI am reliable, as well as helping to establish the procedure in the office and subordination with subordinates.

Built-have feature storing outerwear, as well as, sometimes acting as safe. They may be symmetrical lateral sections that are used to store or artistic decorative articles.

Reliability and durability

In terms of reliability, special attention should be paid to securing decorative elements, pull-out drawer pedestals, nodes and connections means opening the door. Furniture that has been collected with the help of eccentric ties are very stable and easy to assemble or dismantle removal. With present-dayTERM achieved technological equipment durability of the furniture and high reliability.


Of course, the materials that we use in the manufacture of furniture, must meet the requirements of safety and hygiene. So in the furniture industry is considered the most treeie environmentally friendly material, and, accordingly, related products are the highest bidder. Followed medium density fibreboard (MDF), which is made from the dried wood fibers, which is impregnated with a special laminating substance to further compress. But furniture made of particle board should be chosen with care. Indeed, in slabsah chipboard contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances that can harm the buyers of such furniture.

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