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Large white liner, port, full of joy turisty that the deck   waving mourners to their friends and relatives, – Probably, such a pattern appears before the eyes of every 2nd person when he hears the word "cruise".   Many remember the footage from the legendary sovetskogo movie "The Diamond Arm" when the protagonist Yuri Nikulin in your sails seacruise.

Over time, there was a stereotype that "simple robotyagi not travel to cruises." In this article, we are not going to break this stereotype, but we want to explain certain points.

Shine. Beauty. Schick.

In fact, to date, the level of service the touristram on cruise ships can be compared with the most expensive resorts in the world. So on the decks of the ship you will find swimming pools, bars, restaurants, cinemas, shops, beauty salons, gyms and various service facilities. For a comfortable stay of tourists all conditions and very often this vacation - luxury class. But eit is not svidetilstvuet that cruises can afford only the oligarchs.

River Cruises

Cruises are different: round the world, sea, river, transatlantic. It's not news that the most popular in Ukraine is river cruises. A lot of travel agencies offer 7day cruises along the Dnieper (departure from Kiev, the cost of $ 360). For the money you will be offered:

  • 3 meals;
  • accommodation in a cabin previously selected category;
  • sightseeing tours in ports;
  • A cultural program on board the ship.

You can also buy a river cruise and European countries (respectively from the administration will not). For example, a river cruise on the Danube or the Rhine. But it's worth noting that these proposals are very hourthen there are even more expensive for cruises, as well as they do not involve a very popular system today All inclusive.

Here, for example, 7-day river cruise "Romantic Rhine" from the popular company Avalon, which starts in Zurich and finishes in Amsterdam will cost vacationers in 00 cabin 1st class. Tocourse you can also find more "budget options" (especially if you book a cruise in advance), but remember that for this money you can go on a sea cruise in the Mediterranean Sea.

Although, river cruises also have advantages. For example, in the ports of ships are often longer than in mlrugih kinds of cruises, and many ships can give you a free bike for excursions and others.


Speaking of cruises, here there is the most popular Mediterranean cruises (of course, if we talk about Europe). Departure WMSis to be of the following locations: Athens, Barcelona, ??Odessa, Istanbul, Venice.

So the 12-day cruise "Panorama of the Mediterranean" with departure from Odessa worth 00 (price inside cabin). If you want a cabin with a balcony, the cruise fare will increase by 00.

Some tourists like to go on a sea voyages directly from European ports. For example, the popular 12-day sea cruise "Princess Cruises" (departure from Rome) and finish in Venice worth 00. Also happens that some travel agencies airfare to the departure point of the cruise liner include the cost of the sea cruise.

Krugosvetnye cruises

Of course, the most interesting, but also the most expensive are round the world cruises. But when you want to repeat the feat of Jules Verne, then you should prepare for a large financial costs and will need to take a long vacation.
For example, a round the world cruisewhich starts in the Italian Savona continues 101 days, ship stops at many ports around the world, is not less than   000. And this does not include the cost of a visa, tips and much more. So, unfortunately circumnavigation cruise mozhetsebe afford not everyone.

If we take as a whole,Cruises are not very expensive type of travel. In addition, prices vary depending on: the duration of the tour season, comfort cruise liner et al., And sometimes you can get a good share.

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