What is the training. Types, structure, the cost of training.


Training (Eng. Training) - is a planned process modification (changing) relationship, knowledge and behavioral skills learning, through the acquisition of learning experiences to achieve effective implementation of a single activity or in a particular area. < br />
The specificity of training (measures - in general), Provosary experienced trainers have years of experience training and consulting work and the different directions of the training preparation.

"Chip" trainers is to ensure individual approach (if you are a member of open events) and the development and adaptation of the program the needs of a particular company (if Corporationativnost order) diversity of coaching experience and synthesize the knowledge gained both by themselves and their customers, partners, the combination of psychological literacy with the rules of doing business; competent given the limited resources at all the boundless needs of their clients.

often offer open,closed to all comers and corporate events for employees of certain companies based on their specific activities in the following areas:

  • personal growth groups;
  • business ethics and business communication;
  • effective management;
  • creativity in advertising;
  • commercial negotiations;
  • decision-making process;
  • Conflict Resolution;
  • Working with resistance to organizational change;
  • team building;
  • modern psycho-technique in the business.

What are the trainings?

  • open, closed, corporate, individual;
  • personal growth trainings, professional, specialized TreNing, psychological training - training, ...
  • circular, one-time, system;
  • on the job workflow and clear of the working process.

Public Training - ewhat kind of training activities that combine training in one group of participants in various positions and activities common theme.

Private training - is the kind of learning activities that combine in a single group of participants in the various training needs; however, they - nationwide scope and actual theme of the event.

Corporate Training - is the kind of training that combines training in one group of participants in various positions, but - all participants are employees not just inone area and one of the company and for which the theme of the event is relevant.

Individual Training - is the kind of learning activities that combine in one training group up to six people (often 1-5) and held on an individual calendar-tematnical schedule, content and filling.

What is the structure of training?

  • Before a training preparation;
  • Provide training;
  • Support after training.

The approximate schedule of classes:

9.00-9.15 - registration of participants
9.15-12.30 - Training
12.30-13.10 - lunch break
13.10-15.15 - Training
15.15-15.35 - Breck - coffee
15.35-16.15 - Training

When exactly do I need to order a training?

  1. when you and your staff need InnsDiscount knowledge with their subsequent adaptation in the working process;
  2. when you and your staff want to introduce changes in the principles and methods of work;
  3. when you and your staff are aware that the strength of a competitor lies in the constant and systematic moving forward on a well-defined pattern,that is specific supervision of existing business processes;
  4. If you plan to balanced development and updating of a team and / or the most part;
  5. when it is necessary to accumulate, develop and enrich the theoretical and practical basis for professional razvItijah, self-fulfillment and achievement of harmony in life.

What is included in the cost of education?

  1. album materials on the topics of the workshop, information and consulting services, as well as exchange of views with the lecturer and discussion papers;
  2. educational CELEBRATIONment is carried out in the classroom or training center, using a multimedia projector;
  3. training activities are specialized, and the money paid for their participation, which are associated with the organization, preparation and conduct of concern to the gross expenses;
  4. all the participants CELEBRATIONTille get the next set of accounting: the original invoice, certificate, copies of certificates;
  5. each participant at the end of the workshop receives a personal certificate.

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