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Otitis media caused by inaccurate swimming in the sea

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More than 70% of the former Soviet Union is considered a one vacation at seathem of the most important health and strengthens the body events of the year. Yes, people in remote areas of the sea – it is really quite powerful factor contributing to strengthening. Salty air mixed with iodine indeed beneficial effect, at least on the respiratory system. But the rest of the sea there are also negativeSingle side – is the danger of acquiring other diseases, mainly associated with the wrong dip.

What in the warm sea swarming with pathogens, probably do not need to tell – and so everyone knows. But this « & raquo ;, infection if you do not use sea water as a drink, in paragraphThe principles do not stick to the body having at least some immune system. But swimming in the cool sea, and for a long time (in reserve until the next holiday) can cause problems with the organs of hearing, one of which is otitis .

Otitis – quite common among fans relish to enjoy the marine element. In the fall risk area as small children, for whom parents forget to watch the clock and they are not climbs out of the water.

How do you determine the development of otitis and at an early stage?

In general, the early stages of a feeling of the presence of a foreign body in one or both ears. Then, the temperature rises, falls sharply hearing and occur quite unpleasant phenomena – the so-called « backache & raquo ;. Shoots, so that already in the brain gives.

Next is about any normal vacation and can be no question – important to recover without any health effects. And what of all this is to follow the conclusion? Better as the saying « forewarned, not defeated ».

How to prevent otitis while bathing in the sea?

The most important thing – a reasonable distributionof time swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the sun. Of course, this depends on the ambient air temperature and water temperature. If it's warm, and cool in the sea – just go out more often bask in the sun. In cold weather, bathing is better to abstain. This is especially true of young children. Their organizm weaker than adults, so they need less even swim in warm weather.

Doctors Otolaryngologists (Laura) advise before to get into the water to do the following procedure. Take before going to sea wool and Vaseline. On the beach house or pre-roll cotton-balls vaseline and neposredstvenno before entering the water, insert them in the ears. After bathing, immediately remove and discard. So you prevent contact with the inner parts of the ear with cold water and no unpleasant consequences will not.

In addition, doctors before a trip to the sea is not recommended to remove from the ears lopy that there is gathered periodically. The fact is that even though she has unaesthetic appearance – this is quite a powerful natural barrier that does not allow to penetrate the ear all sorts of pathogens.

If during a dive in your ear hit seaweed or sand, it is not necessary to pick them immediately felltsem. Ask for help and make this procedure very carefully. The fact that the careless and sloppy cleaning ears, such as a finger in the ear appear microscopic cracks and sores. And through them, bacteria and viruses enter the body, causing a variety of diseases, including otit .

The main thing to remember that we were going to the sea for health, and leave it there originally no one is going. And that did not happen to take every precaution. Suppose that for some they seem too careful, but the consequences of possible diseases are much more unpleasant and longtionary time.

I wish you health and enjoy your holiday!

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