The interpretation of dreams or dream book what?

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The statistically proven that the average person a third of its zhiznor holds in his sleep. It is well known that sleep is an essential tool for reducing the body, allowing each new day to begin with renewed vigor. It is important to remember that sleep is also another subconscious, side, which is reflected in the phenomenon of dreaming. From the point of view of science it substituted the reality - the humane subconscious continues to work even in a dream, to create a barrier from these processes (to protect sleep) nature has developed a mechanism such as a dream. The mechanism of occurrence of dreams, or rather the ability to remember their dreams, related to the mechanism of alternating fast and long phases of sleep. Since ancient times, it was believed that dreams - this is a form ofbscheniya person with the higher world, and thus it is possible to learn about the events that must take place in the near future. On this basis there were different interpretations of the practice of dreams, which, based on the collected experience (comparison of what he saw in a dream and the events that happened in reality in the near future). All this knowledge is combined in one place and implementedovyvalis a dream books - collections of printed dream interpretation. Also see the you can online at specialized sites.

In today's time, of moves considered three versions of the dream book:

  • Dream Miller .Released in the early twentieth century, it is still the most popular publication in this area;
  • Dreams Freud . Came out around the same time with Miller and is a monographic treatment of the theory of dreams;
  • Dream Interpretation Vanga .The interpretation of dreams from the famous prophetess, although much less extensive and popular, especially in comparison with the Dream Miller.

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