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Car Rental is none other than the use of authorsomobile other person or entity without the driver some time (from several hours to several weeks) for personal use. The service is, quite frankly, is not new, since the first case of putting a car rental registered almost 100 years ago in the United States. Since then the market rental consistently grown and today the largest autorollingcompanies in the world (Hertz, Avis) have in their property tens of thousands of cars at rental agencies. If the US and Europe car rental services have long been known and widely used, the post-Soviet space is gaining momentum. Contributes to this rapid modern lifestyle, constant rush. If you have these shouldimost urgent trip, for whatever reason (leisure, tourism, business meeting), but you do not have your own transport - car rental service will once again welcome. The company "Lion" in the short time that there is this market services in our country, managed to acquire considerable experience and can offer you the best conditions. If you Kharkovchanin and look for the way a great city, then you should pay attention to the company "Lion".

to use its services, you can count on guaranteed:

  • wide range of vehicles to suit every taste and color (from budget to premium models);
  • an extensive network of car rental;
  • loyal price proposals;
  • quality assurance (all cars are in good technical condition and undergo regular inspection);
  • delivery, if necessary, the vehicle per monthis specified by the client;
  • discounts and promotions (rental for 1 day, more than 3 days rental, rental weekends, etc.).

As the saying goes - "every whim for your money." The only thing that you need to meet certain criteria - be over 21 years old and have a driver's Artas much as 1 to 3 years. Everything else is "Lion" will provide you with himself.

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