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Headhunting (literally "head hunting") is not that other, as the search for personnel, only the methods and conditionss are a bit different from the usual. A person performing the "hunt" proudly called Headhunters, although in fact it is an advanced personnel officer. The object of the search, as a rule, are representatives of key, rare, narrow-profile specialties. This may involve, for example, photos of top managers, directors, chief accountant, chief engineer and construktorah, lawyers and others. One of the key methods or approaches in the process or even the very essence of headhunting is poaching specialists from other companies. If the expert, besides, high, popular and constantly in sight - his translation of poaching or may even be "registered".

Here is an important factproof operation of recruiting are:

  • professional appropriate to the task;
  • desire (possible under certain conditions) to change jobs;
  • package of support provided by the employer.

Chelocentury, come to the attention headhunter, not just an ordinary worker or manager are dissatisfied with their jobs, wages - a man quite successfully, to earn good money. Persuade such employee to change jobs requires headhunter certain qualities, skills and uncommon skill:

  • He mustn be confident;
  • be a great speaker with the ability to persuade;
  • be resistant to stressful situations;
  • have the ability to find the information you need, man;
  • the ability to act outside the box with a share of hitsgrow.

Companies engaged Hunting, for example HeadHunter:, offer their employees fairly high salary and a percentage of annual income peremanennogo employee. If the work is to find and attract new personnel was carried out qualitatively, the percentage of income may be very considerable sum -this is one of the main incentives in the headhunter. And while on the one hand the views of the profession rather contradictory, but the result of their work speaks for itself: it is necessary and, most importantly, the right person in the respective company.

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