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Legs, especially women, as well as any other part of the body, well,zhdayutsya regular care and care – special care. Modern man is so active in their professional activities, that in the end of the day the feet, as, indeed, throughout the body, not to be envied. Stress, fatigue drain in need of restoration, the body and, ultimately, lead to serious violations and Zabolevments - varicose veins, arthritis, etc. Cure the disease has already developed a very difficult and expensive, and therefore it is better to think about preventive measures. The best means for recovery and relaxation massage was and is.

It would seem so simple, but there are some pitfalls:

  • First, for quality relaxation and recovery, you must have some knowledge and massage techniques, which owns the majority;
  • Second, high-quality professional massage salons is quite expensive;
  • Third, regular POSschenie massage parlors are often virtually impossible due to the employment of man.

The ideal tool for solving these problems is. Hot tub - a plastic container (tray) with a special embossed surface mounted mobile massage rollers and a control unit. Succinctlyst is filled with water, which lowered the legs, select the desired operating mode and the rollers start to perform its function.

Tray combines some very useful properties:

  • First, foot massage, especially the feet, a very positive effect on the whole body, because the feet are located mnozhestvo nerve endings;
  • Second, it is a professional home massager;
  • Third, a one-time investment in massager save you from having to find time and money to visit a massage therapist.

Hot tub not onlya great gift, but also an indispensable tool for relaxation.

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