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Suychas video surveillance systems (videoregiistrator) have become very popular. Their main task - is a video of what is happening both in the cabin and around. The situation on our roads, their strong saturation and congestion is forcing drivers to purchase modern DVR. Car DVR can be useful in conflict with the staff of TAI or accident.

Types of car DVR

All Car DVR, we can be divided into:

  • Multifunction recorders (also known as black boxes);
  • Budget DVRs (household);
  • Professional DVRs;
  • Universal recorders (camcorders).

Household Budget DVRs

They are the most affordable price and they combine in a single package:

  • The built-in camera;
  • Connector for SD memory cards;
  • mount windshield cars;
  • Built-in microphone.

To install this DVR does not need a special tool, and it takes only a few seconds. In fact, out of the package you get a candy bar "all in one", then install the connector DVR SD card mount mount on the windshield, and the recorder can be set on thismount. Initially, the DVR can be connected to the cigarette lighter, and later can make a separate supply to 12V.

The most famous was the budget DVR with integrated display as having the minimum cost of the DVR is able to provide the basic functions and allows using the built-inDisplay "on the spot" to view the controversial road situations. Buy cheap you can on a national trading floor "from hand to hand".

Multifunction recorders (black boxes)

They are more expensive than the cost recorders and combine in a single package:

  • G-sensor (accelerometer);
  • one or two built-in camera;
  • SD memory card;
  • Connector for SD memory cards;
  • GPS-receiver;
  • Microphone;
  • mount windshield cars.

To install this DVR does not need a special tool, and it does not vyzvet much difficulty. Such models are similar to the "black box" installed on the aircraft, allow not only a single-channel video and audiozRecording, but also record from the second camera, and besides they always write additional data on the movement of your car: its speed, the exact route of displacement, power and braking behavior, shock and acceleration.

The most famous among such devices are dual-chamber recorders with a GPS-logger that SpanishThe user as in commercial vehicles as well as for personal purposes, because they make it possible to fix the exact route to move the car and the ability to record everything that happens inside the car.

Universal recorders (camcorders)

This deviceswhich have a dual purpose. Because such devices can serve as both you and the camcorder as a car DVR, because they have included the necessary accessories for both functions. But the attempt to combine these functions in the 1st unit has led to the fact that the quality of the recording DVR is far from ideal. For example, in Blu design features, in car video recorder mode, such models are much more amenable to the influence of vibration of the car body on the image quality. And the use of such a model as the camera is very problematic in mind too wide viewing angle and lack of optical zoom. Optimato Local angle for the camera is 45-70 & deg ;, whereas the DVR is 120-140 °.

Professional DVRs

Video recorders that are designed for permanent installation on a hidden car connecting external microphones 2-4 and 3-4external video cameras, as well as the ability to record to the HDD or an SD memory card can be considered a professional. By a similar device can be connected to an external GPRS-modem to transmit data to a remote PC, as well as GPS-receiver.

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