How to create quality content that will increase the number of visitors to your website?

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Any web master tools in addition to working on the creation of online resources and their promotion skillfully holds so unpretentious editor like Microsoft World. We need it, at a minimum, in order to create content to attract new customers and building a trusting relationship with them.
Step-by-step. Word for word. You look, and so ons …   not far off when the blog can be called a « Thousender » or achieve a hitherto unprecedented conversion. After the sequence and – this is the basis of doing any business and its promotion on the Internet!

But how to create quality content?

One option might be that a large number of drinking coffee before going to bed in the fight with a yawn and eyes closing. Just for to see the monitor screen and quickly « rivet » article for readers. As a result, this approach is unlikely to bring you respect and many fans.
So the best way – this breakdownProcess for several days. Searching for information, writing and editing articles in the long run gives the output … The quality and increase the number of readers!

Day One – hand in hand with a memory card

Use the Mind Mapping document or Excel. PridumLend idea. Let it be your root « tree » - Quality and useful content. Create a simple and intuitive to your readers title – basis of the post.
Then start creating « caps & raquo ;. Break up your mind that you want to convey to the readers subtitles.
Do not try to build your skeletonhis future post in 5 minutes. At your disposal as much as 24 hours and a lot of interesting information around to help you dig deeper and to expand the topic. But do it carefully.

  • First, each subtitle should convey information to your reader, so that visually otskanesc text, visitor could instantly understand what is at stake;
  • Second, try to put the names of intrigue that after each reading left subtitle desire to read the article to the end and get more information.

For the first day will be enough. OnBelieve it if you approach the matter responsibly and try to convey to the reader not just a thought, and invest in their minds something new, the 4-hdnevny plan to create quality content is worth it.

The second day – audit and filling empty cells

Make yourself a cup of lyubimoga hot drink and audits of their titles. Carefully read what you have written in his spare time.
Think about whether they bear any meaning, it really they are interesting and intriguing? If there is something you do not like it, take some time to change that. Then proceed to completion and writing the text.
Each ZagoDeftly and subheadings take a moment to remember what you wanted to write under them and immediately begin.
Write quickly, without looking at the error without editing. Write what first comes to mind. Try not to break and finish the job as quickly as possible. Then find the images that clearly illustrate your mysl. And do not forget to come up with an interesting question that you ask at the end of your post for comment.

Why is it so? Why the hurry? But what about the quality of content, and the like?

Because at this stage, you do not need to think about every word. In addition, if you are responsible:lechetes, you can forget about any fact. Lose the idea. Do not state the reader fully what you want to say to him. In the end, when you write as if saying, you do not lose your face, do not try to copy someone, picking the right words and vocabulary. That you – a man who used to trust the audience.

Day Three – cleaning and editing require sacrifices for beauty wants the same!

Open your article. Brew coffee. And start reading what you wrote yesterday in a monotone voice without expression and placement of accents. Make sure that the information that you want to bring forthabout your fans, has at least some sense.
Start with the fact that maybe you need to move paragraphs swap proposal. Edit the article to remove from it all unnecessary and read it again.
Make sure you have enough breath for something to read each sentence separately and not « stumble & raquo ;.They should not cause you to end up on reading and do a second breath.
If your text contains long sentences, cut them. But do not try to make your text consists of short sentences alone. Let them alternate (short – long). So that the text appeared cycle.
Edit again prochitayte. If defects are no more, the article came out smooth and « knotless & raquo ;, drink, finally, a cup of your hot drink as a bonus for a job well done and proceed to format the text:

  • Add bulleted lists;
  • Break large paragraphs into small;
  • Highlight important points;
  • Make sure that the selected image on the eve match your words and arrange them.

The fourth day – the last spurt and gratitude to yourself

Before the publication of the article, check whether all the conditions you have done? Checklist for verification:

  1. Can a visitor your headline to stop and get to read your post?
  2. Do the image is written?
  3. Is there an interesting question on the subject at the end of the article to encourage commentators?
  4. Is Short suggestions?
  5. Structured whether the information is there any clues that allow the eye to stop when scanning text?
  6. Is there a call to action?
If you think that the information deserves attention, publish your article. Tell us about it in social networks. Please bloggers. Ask them to share their thoughts in the comments and tell your fans about the article. Now relax, typingaytes forces and looking for an idea for the next post. What do you think, what will it be? Tell us about it in the comments.
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