What are the mattresses?


Sleep is an integral part of our lives. During sleep, our brain is cleared of samplesleading to issue of thoughts, the body recuperate. It was in a dream, we can come imaginative new ideas, cheerfulness and good humor. The quality of our sleep depends heavily on on what we sleep. Once a man came up Perche bed, since they Stavan increasingly better and more convenient. But here is the relative stiffness of the bed, disputes are conducted before seUseful. Itself depends on the stiffness of the bed mattress.

Let's look at what are the mattresses

Pooh mattress (featherbed)

Today it is not the most common, but not quite forgottene mattresses . Because they consist of filler from any feathers or of down and tissue on mattress. Because the pen is a natural and relatively expensive material - a real featherbed is not cheap. Often featherbed mattress is not the only - it stele poversh Boleie the hard mattress. To date, soft bed is not fashionable, because it can hurt your spine, although a stuffed featherbed is elastic enough so that people have a comfortable sleep. Also worth remembering such a nuisance as allergies, because the pen is a strong allergen, so before you buy a similar Wirelesszhinny mattress - better consult a doctor.

Soft springless mattress with fabric for mattress

When transporting a mattress ochent easily rolled up into a roll. For many lyudyay for normal sleep is enough for such a mattress. But, remember that fillinge mattress should not bunch up under the mattress on, which is why the batting (traditional Soviet material) for these mattresses are not suitable. The best option would be a combination of felt with a more durable material   (Artificial latex hollofayber).

Water or air mattress with a strongthem on a synthetic mattress

This design is not bad as it seems at first glance. Softness and firmness mattresses of this type is quite good. The main disadvantage of this type of mattress is unnatural upholstery. So in order to air or water is coming out of the mattress on the mattress need to manufac-tovlyat a sufficiently durable synthetic material. But the fact is that sleep on synthetics, it is not useful. These beds with a strong synthetic mattress can be used on occasionally, but sleep on them all the time - this is a very bad idea.

Couch mattresses

Speaking of bed, do not cross off the list of folding chairs and sofas as they are some of the kinds of nairasprostranenneyshih beds. Often, mattresses , postelennuyu on sofas, quite impossible to name orthopedic, so when choosing a sofa, MANDATORYno look at the ecology and the layers of the mattress. When spring mattress - to see the interior was solid. Upholstery sofa, it is desirable also to at least partially been kind.

Orthopedic mattress of quilted mattress on

The best type of mattress. He better Sun.it is suitable for making a normal position of the body during sleep, which in turn protects your spine from distortions. Often, the design is sufficiently high that the mattress consists of several (springless, springs and other special fibers), and mattress that incorporates them all together. BYou can put it on the floor or on the grill bed. But remember that the natural must be - at least half of the mattress, otherwise he would not have to use, but rather harm.

Medical mattress

This includes Antiacarian, special orthopedic andother mattresses . Buy mattresses of this type, you can only in specialized stores. Often the mattresses are made to order. During the manufacturing process manufacturers such Matrasaces very often take into account individual anatomical features of the human body.

Of course, before pokupikoy mattress, you should most definitely some of the mattress is right for you. When choosing a mattress you need to pay attention to absolutely all its components: fillers, for mattressSprings. By the way you can buy at the National trading floor "from hand to hand".

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