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When there is a need for something to build: an amusement park, a shopping center, a residential high-rise building or a simple cottage, you will come to the aid of construction equipment. It was a time when the construction of palaces or castles took away decades. Today, your services available: truck, auto cranes, bulldozers, concrete mixers, buwith revealing installation, crushers, excavators, timber, pipe layers, dump trucks and other construction equipment. In addition to construction, such a technique also used in mining, forestry and agriculture. Construction equipment as you can buy and rent on the desired period of time. For those who do notmoney ad advise see section on National trading floor "from hand to hand".

Special equipment can be divided into such types: road construction, rigs, excavators, forestry, loaders, dump trucks, construction cranes. In this article we consider the basic and most-usedcular species: bulldozer, excavator, loader, crane and truck.    


The most commonly used bulldozers in construction for cutting stratified layers of soil or digging to move or leveling of rocks and loose materials. Bulldozer - a tractor or wheeled or tracked tractor, which come equipped with a blade (flat shield-bucket).

There are 3 types of bulldozers:

  • Universal aka tracklayer;
  • With rotating blade;
  • With non-rotatably blade.

Most often, bulldozers are used in construction to create a flat surface of the soil under the building. Furthermore, bulldozers, due to its weight, can be used as a press to straighten the elastic and flexible construction elements and parts.


Perhaps this is one of the most used construction machinery, as an excavator can simultaneously perform several different functions. Excavators - this digger that can: compare, dig, load and unload. Most populyarnymm are:backhoe loaders, wheeled and crawler excavators, backhoes, draglines, shovels to break and handling. A mini-excavators, due to the functionality and compactness is the best assistant in industrial production and construction work. Caterpillar, Case, IVECO, JCB, Komatsu, Liebherr, MAN, Terex and Volvoare leaders in the production of excavators.    


It is a bright representative of the industrial machinery used for loading, lifting, loading and transportation of materials and goods. What, then, are different cranes and loaders? They differschayutsya that propelled trucks are much more compact and agile than the cranes, which is why they are indispensable in engineering, manufacturing, commerce, warehouses and agriculture.
There are container, forklifts, telescopic handlers and stackers. Depending on the work performed and the fuel used is: eleccal, hydraulic, diesel, petrol, side and front loaders. The new diesel forklift costs on average $ 15,000, and telescopic - about $ 20000.
Caterpillar, JCB, Hyste,   Komatsu, Linde, Manitou, Toyota and Still are leaders in the production of trucks.


This is a truck with a body that is raised and lowered mechanically, which is used for unloading of materials and goods. So unloading of bulk (bulk) materials and goods produced by tipping the truck. Haulers are: the side and rear, double-sided and versatileunloading.

The types of trucks:

  • articulated;
  • road;
  • Machinery (off-road);

BelAZ, KAMAZ, KrAZ, Caterpillar, DAF IVECO, Liebherr, Komatsu, MAN, Scania is a leader in trucks.

Construction crane

This is a lifting appliance that is needed for moving and lifting during repair, installation and handling operations.

The crane consists of a 3-hourchildren:

  • The base (skeleton, skeleton) of the crane, which is a metal structure, which includes flights, support and arrows;
  • The lifting mechanism that Commission, and include a lifting body (steel wire rope and chain), cargo winch, Front-end opgan (hook and loop);
  • Lifting equipment that is as non-automatic (hook or loop) and automatic operation (electromagnet spreader or pneumatic suction cup).

Classification construction cranes:

  • According to the type of support: support, Pneumatic, suspended, tractor, rail and others.;
  • By type of lifting body: grab, hook, tick, container, magnetic crane;
  • According to the degree of rotation: turning and immovable;
  • According to thePOSSIBILITY move: mobile, resettable, radial, and jack-stationary;
  • According to the type of drive: electric, hydraulic, pneumatic or manual drive.

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