Interactive school board Sketchinsight from the company Microsoft


We all remember the , which are the hallmark of any school. But times have changed and progress has affected even this neotemlemy attribute. As the , Microsoft is developing an interactive chalkboard that can reproduce drawings of students and teachers, and helps to build charts, graphs and charts manually. The prototype withvoey new development for schoolchildren, the company reported in the framework of technological exhibition Techfest, which are submitted annually to promising high-tech development.

Writer Microsoft's Steve Clayton, in his news about the new school board, said that "digital painting" was created to ensure that teachers and pupils mogli visually manipulate large amounts of data that are drawn directly on the board, or are taken from the database of the board. At the same time, the project is at an early stage of development. If the company will bring to mind the idea, the novelty will be very popular in the future.

According to BBC News Technology, the project "Digitale painting "- is one of the most promising developments, which in the past year, Microsoft has invested 9.8 milyarda dollars. According to the BBC News Technology, in 2012 Samsung spent on research and development of $ 10.5 milyarda, Apple - 3,4 milyarda , Sony - 4,6 milyarda, Google - 6,8 milyarda dollars. From this we can concludeThat Microsoft is one of the leading technology companies who are most interested in new developments.

School board Sketchinsight

The new school board from Microsoft called Sketchinsight. So far, work experience and it can be in the center forvisitors to the Redmond headquarters of Microsoft.

On my youtube-channel, Microsoft has posted a video that shows the basics of working with technology board. The main element of management of the new development is a plastic pointer. However it is possible to use conventional and fingers. Board can be managed as sobstgovernmental smartphone or tablet, drawing characters on the screen. The video shows that using the symbol of a circle, the board automatically draws a pie chart. Using the symbol in the form of connected lines perpendicular possible to build a histogram and even play a world map. To make the data on the board, you need to start typing the name of fivena data that are in the base board. Board automatically offers options from which you can select the desired information. Obviously, the necessary data arrays, you must first make the database of the board. Details of how to enter data into the database, publications Microsoft has not disclosed, however, it should be easy, because the development is aimed at students.

Release Date for sale and the actual price, Microsoft has not yet reported. As practice shows, after the presentation, new developments come on the market in 6-12 months.

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