What is a modular furniture?


It was a time when furniture wall had standard gabarity and design. To date, demand is modular Furniture , appearance and size which customer chooses your taste.

Custom furniture

The last time more and more popular is the development mebeli to order. Think about it: created for a specific apartment interior will be exactly the same as all the necessary parameters. Whereas among the serial furniture, spending a lot of effort and time, and you can not find the perfect sofa or storage system. When ordering furniture, you can consider: its color, size, placement and configurationth modules, the material finishes. With this you can itself act as a designer or you can trust the professionals.

The module and the wall: what's the difference?

Furniture Set made by the Soviet Union - a set ryznyh cabinets, which are set close to each other along the wall. All cabinets have the samedepth and height, sometimes they have different widths. Modern elements may have different height and depth, and several tens of components (which may exceed 100 w). Modular kits are made in the same style, so the modules can be assembled with ease as you want. All products are strictly tailored, so it is absolutely all the elements of a budut look as a whole and will go perfectly. Cabinet and furniture can consist of elements of a modular system. Modern modular system, in contrast to the Soviet wall is not only furniture for the living room, and bedroom, hall, kitchen.

Types of modular furniture

Upholstered furniture.

Sofas are modular systems that can be collected if the constructor.

There are 2 kinds of sofas:

  • mobile;
  • Sectional.

In the section - all parts are fixed "tightly". Clieunt selects the desired number of seats and armrests and legs kind. Sofa made in the furniture factory will be in the form of a monolithic structure. The configuration of modular sectional sofa is chosen by the buyer, but only once and for all.

In the mobile modular furniture units seats are installed side by side, but not rigidly attached. Ton there, you can easily swap them: remove or add modules at least several times a day.

The most common modular systems furniture is all that is in the room with a sofa, dining area, and others.

Kitchens and bathrooms

modular Furniture for the living room can also change constantly, like furniture. The client decides what his cabinet or panel, select the number of sections, the height and size. For this purpose, the modules selected desired height, width and depth, which are used for different purposes: for storing clothes whetherBo clothes, household appliances for installation or workplace design. Modules, in turn, you can compose music as you like. The color scheme and style of the individual modules is converted into a single set.

What are the advantages of modular furniture?

  • There is a choice only reqodim you components;
  • If you need additional items - you can buy them easily;
  • Easy assembly;
  • modular Furniture gives the possibility of easilyreplace the interior of your apartment with a simple rearrangement or change fronts and panels;
  • Versatile: Modular enclosures can be easily converted into a bookshelf or closet;
  • Unified modules are easy to fit into any room configuration.

Is there a modular furniture cons? Yes, but only one: often this furniture does not provide for ornamental carving and gold painting.

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