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The use of any vehicle in contact with great responsibility. Transport - a technique insoy traumatic force, requiring regular maintenance, inspections, to keep it in working order. Unfortunately, motorists happen in life events that lead to the damage of the car - the so-called road traffic accidents (RTA). Any modern car, according to the law, insured with an insurance companyand a certain amount in case of damage. This is done so that the driver can compensate car repair by insurance funds. In the case where there is a question about the insurance payment, any insurance company is obliged to protect yourself from drivers chlenovrediteley and assess the real extent of the damage (or the appropriateness of his compensation). In this case, nare conducted by the complex in order to establish the technical condition of the car before and after the accident. It is important that such checks are carried out independent expert, not an inspector insurance company (which a priori interested in understating the amount of insurance payment.

The complex validation activities during the independentIn winter examination includes the following steps:

  • engagement of the independent expert for the inspection of the scene;
  • drawing up the necessary documentary acts of inspection, including imprisonment and payment of pecuniary damage;
  • Gettingotovka and send the required documents to the insurance company.

In addition to accidents on the road, NE may be necessary in the following cases:

  • setting the guilty in an accident;
  • determining the cause of the accident;
  • examination qualitiesand (or rather lack of it) repair;
  • the valuation of cars.

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