Apartment Lobnya in LCD "Katya-2"

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In the fifteen kilometers to the north ofMoscow is the town Lobnya. By Moscow standards it is certainly a little - "only" about eighty-two thousand inhabitants, but quite attractive in terms of housing and improvement. Despite the small size, this town is quite active in all spheres of life. There are several theaters, galleries, and own newspapersradio. The scientific life of the town is connected with six universities, colleges. Activity here is pleasant and helpful - a bit away from the dusty metropolis, stretches a little green area with lots of parks, green spaces, ponds, children's and sports grounds. In addition, organized a direct road and rail links with the capitals, which, depending on the type of transport can be reached within 15-30 minutes. All this makes it a very attractive platform Lobnya suburban housing purchases and the construction of new neighborhoods of new buildings. A good example - it's actually a dream of the middle class - a house in the country, with the best conditions for living and vospityvaniya etc.etey and work in the city, at arm's length from the house. To date, a great opportunity opens in a new neighborhood Katjushki-2, where the building of new high-rise apartment buildings, with all necessary infrastructure. There are all conditions for the harmonious education of your children and leisure: open kindergarten and school,commissioned and are actively used playgrounds, green areas for recreation. Besides - palaces port, sports clubs, supermarkets - the perfect place for your family.

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