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If you want to have your spine to remain straight during sleep,whereas orthopedic mattress is exactly what you need. Of course, if you have severe back problems, the orthopedic mattress you will not help, but for the prevention of back problems, he will come in handy. Let's look at how to choose the orthopedichesky mattress .

When choosing orthopedic mattress and, should pay attention to the following points:

  • age and weight of the sleeper;
  • stiffness;
  • material;
  • manufacturer;
  • size;
  • price.


The size of the mattress and depends on the size of the bed. SingleOrthopedic mattress s are standard sizes: 80 * 190 cm or 90 * 200 cm, double mattress s have a size of 160 * 200 cm. Before buying orthopedic mattress and you should use a tape measure to measure the internalthe size of their bed, but if you have not bought a bed, then get to know the size (if it differs from the standard, then you can always buy an orthopedic mattress any shape and size (min. Step 1 cm).

Orthopedic mattress s are made of many different materials.

So depending on the material has the following types of orthopedic mattress s:

  • cotton;
  • water and air;
  • latex;
  • foam;
  • Spring;
  • Other.

Air and Water mattress s

Despite its orthopedic properties, air and water mattress s not used wherever possible. The problem is their inconvenience in operation: water mattress is very heavy and it is necessary from time to time to change the water and air to mattress and added quite loudcompressor.

Mattress s latex

Mattress s Latex: good "breathe", resistant to external influences, durable, elastic, and, Due to the porous structure, oxygen is passed. But they have one drawback - highPrice (0). There are more cheaper mattress s, which are made of foam rubber (synthetic latex).

Spring mattress s

Who is the most popular - this spring mattress s,that consist of: Flooring filter, spring unit, upholstery and filler. The basis of the mattress is a spring block, which may consist of several blocks of independent springs or can be holistic. The filler is between upholstery and box spring. He gives the mattress have additional propertiesIslands: plays a regulatory role rigidity. Flooring filter prevents the springs soft upholstery and flooring. Upholstery, in turn, must not be 100% synthetic, preferably the following blend: 40% of synthetic fibers and 60% cotton.

The rigidity of mattress and the owner and weight

When choosing orthopedic mattress a very important criterion is the rigidity which, in turn, depends on the age, weight, and personal preferences on who will sleep on it. Thin people is better to buy mattress softer: bespruzhong natural latex or spring but without the use of fillers and hard flooring filters. Fat people better to get tough mattress s with durable materials or dense with thick reinforced springs. For people with medium complexion is perfect almost every mattress , which is equipped with a system of independent springs.

Pillow mattress and the age of the owner

? For children do not buy spring mattress s. Kids are not important of rigiditybe mattress as well, but he, in turn, should be very good, "breathe." Therefore, the ideal choice is coconut mattress . But for older children need a hard mattress , that is able to withstand their game and jumping. For consecutiveUCWC best to buy a hard latex mattress . For older people the best choice would be softer mattress .

Orthopedic mattress s and back problems

Wachastuyu we acquire orthopedic mattress s when we have problems with the spine. So if a sore lower back - you need to buy a soft mattress , which will support the lumbar spine. When the upper part of the spine hurts, then you lubetter than those hard to buy mattress . But it is worth remembering that too hard mattress to buy should not be, because the main criterion when choosing an orthopedic mattress < / span> and is its convenience. First of all you need to opientirovatsya on their own feelings.

Cost mattress and

Orthopedic mattress s can be very expensive. Here, of course, should take into account the financial possibilities, but do not chase the cheap, becauseit is from orthopedic mattress and your health depends. If we talk about the producers, there is better to opt for mattress s foreign production, because the quality of the materials used in their manufacture they are much higher than in the Fatherlandanalogues, but the domestic mattress worth 2-3 times cheaper. Most foreign manufacturers complete supply, which is very convenient for transportation and storage of mattress as well.

A few tips on how to choose an orthopedic mattress :

  • In springless mattress s: the higher the density of the material, so it is better and more lasting;
  • For the lumbar support is better to buy mattress with the effect of namyati that due to viscous stratum "remember" the position of the body. Pomniche but that this effect is not to everybody's liking;
  • If you have chosen the spring mattress , then preferring the mattress in a block of independentsprings. Pruzhyn 220-250 per 1 sq. meter is the optimum number for such a mattress a;
  • Pillow mattress equipped with a spring block "Bonnel" almost completely devoid of orthopedic effect;
  • Remember to keep your back healthy and sleep well - very important to choose orthopedic mattress . If the choice is wrong - it can deliver a lot of problems for its owner.

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