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It was yesterday at a seminar at the office Maykrosoft-:Fundamentals of Technology Business. Talked about all sorts of features and insider gossip Denis Dolgopolov, the founder of the business incubator GrowhUp. So here I post mainly treated me ideas / abstracts Rapporteur on Silicon (Silicon) Valley. By the way in Ukraine are planning to build an innovative park called Bionic Hill, tothat could be a similar to the American Valley. There are many plans to build buildings, where it is expected to employ about 35,000 ITіshnikov (there will be many, building a network of specialists, engineers, designers, and others.)

The main causes:

  • A significant number of entrepreneurs andpotential donors (after California richest state);
  • Powerful University (Stanford) and, accordingly, a large number of engineers;
  • A nice warm climate. Minimum temperature rarely drops below 15 degrees Celsius.

SiliconeValley (Silicon) was founded hereditary investors and entrepreneurs. A lot of which, for example B. Draper, were sons or grandsons known venture capitalists. So, one day, these founders (investors) have come together on two pages. Wrote the basic rules of development and investment in Silicon Valley.

Curiosities : Silicon Valley is a certain rule "a hundred miles", according to him, investors put their money in a particular company when it is located within 1.5 hour trip by car (which is approximately one hundred miles). This rule enables the investor to have a very close communication with the company recipienthis money, lets go to a meeting or meetings of directors and later on 1 - 1.5 hours to be back at home.

Hewlett-Packard is the first company in Silicon Valley, which is in 1938 in the garage of the Palais Alto founded two graduates of Stanford University.

As such, at the time, was an attempt to CREATEamb technological cluster around the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but nothing came of it because of the fact that there was not much competition, as well as their corporate culture reloaded the old procedure. For example, near Stanford University is still Berkeley. Yeah, maybe the weather in Boston is not as nice as in California. Also comCompany in Silicon Valley are usually identified acute problem and solve it (for example, an entirely new approach to search by company Google).

Q: Why on facebook now impossible to give up? - Because he was the infrastructure projects, such as the telephone.

Silicon Valley emerged only in the United States andcould occur elsewhere. The reason entrepreneurial nature of Americans, as well as in the culture of risk and mutual assistance. In the US, more than Feil, orders the better for the company / entrepreneur, because he will trust more, because they hope that it took into account their mistakes.

99.7% of companies in the technology business go bankrupt. Bolshinstvo not even come to the initial stages of development.

In Silicon Valley you can throw anyone, but only 1 time. The community is very friendly, close and trusting. Therefore, you can help and be credited for the error experience.

That's the infa Silicon or Silicon Valley. The reason for writing and Silicon and Silicon inthat silicon from English. language is translated as silicon, so now until the end and it is not clear how best to call authentic - Silicon or adapted to the language - Silicon.

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