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Five Steps to repair apartment

Сергей Егоров
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Repairs, like any other occupation requires meticulous approach and severely planning, without it no where. Meticulously organized process of complex repair of apartments will provide an opportunity to reduce the costs and some learn from it all, just good. On the initial stage of repair neededdetermine the design of the apartment, the plan being repaired premises and the cost of materials. Remember, without this no where!

This work can be done yourself, or as one of the correct options will invite experienced expert in the field of design and budget business that will make you ain more detail by the budget for the necessary materials, prepare a plan of the apartment, will describe the necessary construction equipment, sketches show the final, ready to finish the repair and will determine the entire list of executable works. That is, you have to be on paper all of the above total nachyalnyh work.

Without wishinga value podete you to perform the above work on their own or entrust it to the people who dealt with this issue - you'll save only your time and nerves. But if all you are determined, you can get help from the five simple rules that give the experts a construction site "," engaged in construction tomov and repair facilities.

The first rule

We provide a family council, on which it appears in your household, what would be the wishes of the upcoming repairs. because if you do not take into account all the wishes, then someone in this apartment will not live with pleasure.

The second rule

It is necessary to assign responsibilities of all family members and choose the direct executor and a family member who will conduct control of the plan of work and the work itself.

The third rule

Doneyaem schematic drawing of all domestic premises, apartments, houses, generally the place where it will undergo renovation, with footnotes, though contingent of which it should be clear that where and how. Let's say your plan will provide for improvement and the complete exclusion of all previous functional purpose room, say, renose-through openings in the spaces, and in order, so it was all done legally, it is necessary to reflect the proposed changes in those. passport of your premises and approve changes to the plan (BTI).

The fourth rule

Take longer and determines the color-all solutionFirst select apartments where all the color scheme for the whole apartment: ceiling, wall, texture and color of flooring. Conduct additional adjustment family plan and wasted budget. For all the much better, a huge part of the work done. Do you have a plan, there is a collage of space, distributedall the roles of households and counted the cost of materials.

The fifth and final rule

We buy or rent the necessary equipment for the repair of the apartment. If the full technical transformation of home - it's your first debut on the finishing field, the horsechno recommend entrust all lyubdyam knowing his work, namely finisher and builders with experience, which can be found on "Building A to Z. Yenakievo-Donetsk".

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