What are the varieties of men's shirts?


Among the majority of men the choice between a shirt and a t-shirt invariably is resolved in favor of the latter. And there's a simple oblacenje it is banal laziness and underestimating the advantages of personal style. T-shirt faster and easier to iron, and it's not necessary to button a shirt. Very often it is of course appropriate, but in many cases, in my humble opinion, the person simply loses "points", ignoring the shirt. In some time, peresta to be a teenager, the man begins to osmyslit the full force of this garment.

unfortunately, not every representative of the stronger sex even has min knowledge in this area, as a result, he did not understand what are the different types of collars and shirts, how to choose the right size of shirt when shirt need to fill and when not to, etc. Next, we consider what types of shirts and tell us about them, fashion designer Alexander Gapchuk, which provides an individual .


varieties of mens shirts

today, there are 2 Islands main types of men's shirts: sport and classic. How do they differ? More on that later.


  • Collar this shirt needs to be tougher. Often, this is due to the fact that the tie and shirt almost always dress up together (in formal style). So the collar kept its original shape, apply special. plate that is inserted into wauneka;
  • this shirt netting is thinner and the fabric is softer. For example, when sewing these shirts are used such fabrics like Royal Oxford, pinpoint, twill of course, all of cotton, no synthetics;
  • a More conservative color. For a strict dress code, or special occasions, 1st place - white. And 2nd on the prevalence of a blue color;
  • If there's a pattern there, it is small. Very rare to find a classic shirt large thick striped or plaid, but the sports shirt very often;
  • the Bottom more curved shape;
  • Pockets none or there is only a 1-in, moreover, it must be empty. No mobile phones and pens.


  • the Materials used for the manufacture of sport shirts slightly stronger, rougher. For example, when sewing these shirts used fabrics such as: Chambray, simple, Oxford, denim, flannel;
  • these shirts a much greater range of colors, and the images, in turn, is much more diverse and bolder;
  • If you see a greater number of pockets, decorative buckles, epaulettes, then you have 100% sport shirt.

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