Study in Poland: the main advantages


Poland is a beautiful country located in the cultural and geographical crossroads of Western and Eastern Europe.

today, the number of Universities in the country has increased 4 times. Annually, education in colleges and universities get to about 500 tis. young people. By the way, to read to study the Ukrainians on the site

the Polish educational tradition has its origins in the 14th century In this country are some of the most ancient European universities. So, in Krakow is the Jagiellonian University established in 1364. If we talk about famous and internationally recognized Polish scientists, among them Maria Sklodowska-Curie, Nicolaus Copernicus and many others.

Today Polish universities follow the glorious traditions of their predecessors. For example, among the international IT (Top Coder) University of Warsaw is on the 1st place in the ranking.

Polish Universities are an integral part of the educational system of the EU offer a very high level of education. All the leading Universities, without exception, offer educational programmes in English. language, including engineering Sciences, medicine Finance, and business. A country like Poland is very active in the so-called Bologna process. Thanks to the European Credit System (ECTS), students of Polish Universities can continue their education in other countries.

the Universities have special services that supports the needs of students coming from abroad. Specially assigned Polish students, which later help foreign colleges to adapt to the new environment.

it should Also be noted that in the Polish educational system there is a huge number of private higher education institutions. The education system in Poland can be compared with the us. There are 138 public high schools and 300 private colleges and universities. Thanks to the huge competition, the cost of education are lower in Poland than in other EU countries.

Study in the country gives the student a great opportunity to see historical monuments to explore the rich culture and enjoy the most in the EU, natural environment.

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