What is coaching. His philosophy, purpose and the main task.


In sovrimennom world man has plenty of opportunities to achieve the desired result. And each of us is able to achieve what would make it successful. And coaching is perhaps the most effective tool that can help you set goals is achieved.

The philosophy of coaching

Allpeople live with the feeling that they can do more. Coaching is an excellent tool   in the implementation of this feeling.

  1. Everyone knows what he wants;
  2. All the people are all they have conceived;
  3. But we are responsible for, toak passes our life;
  4. Do you want to be successful and happy — Be. Happiness and success criteria we choose;
  5. In order to achieve your goals, you need to be courageous, be aware of the reality and nizachto not stop.

Coachesng can not be regarded as a trend that is absolutely unique philosophy. Coaching sebyavse absorbed all the best from the different areas of psychology and applied dannіe knowledge to business. Coaching — this tool created to help the man:

  1. to realize his goals in life;
  2. advance to the goals;
  3. to find their own opportunities, solutions, resources.


  • Customer: I understand that I give this issue a lot of time, because my life is not interesting.
  • Coach: A Thuabout what you mean by « interesting life »?
  • Client: This is a life in which I want to do something about it …

After this session, the client himself began to change his own life. Very often the assistance of a coach need only to formulate a question, and the response itthe client begins to look for yourself.

Purpose Coaching

The purpose of coaching — some help customers achieve a high level of responsibility and awareness and, in consequence, the transition to self coaching client (in other words — self-learning technology).


  • Customer: I'm the ugly duckling, I do not need anyone, I, I have nothing ever comes out …
  • Coach: Duckling, let's look in the mirror. Well, who do you see there?
  • Client: (realizing the reality and prinimyav over holesetstvennost): Is it I? About a miracle! Are these strong my wings? I — Swan? !!

The main task of coaching

The main task of coaching — reveal their own human potential. A coach helps you creatively seek a solution and solve your supportelnost achieve their goals and change your life.

Coaching can help you reach the goal in many different areas of life: education career, business health, family, interpersonal relationships, career. Coaching can be used in any business, and in many large companies in order to provide training on things totoryh invite coach. Also can help any man in his move up the career ladder.

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