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The apparent leader of the wallpapers areth among different finishing materials. To date, manufacturing companies offer a huge selection of different types of wallpaper. Depending on your preferences and economic opportunities, each customer can buy what they need. Now briefly discuss the most common types of wallpaper that today Dr.Yan available to customers.

Paper wallpaper

Paper - is the most common type of wallpaper, which is in high demand for many years. Basis of wallpaper consisting of paper, onto which a pattern. Standard roll width - 53 cm.

It certainly hope you wallpaperobitsya that as well as themselves wallpaper divided into several types

Paper wallpaper is quite dense. They are divided into:

  • duplex (ie, consisting of two layers);
  • embossed (have raised pattern).

The front part of abouts can be matte or glossy. Sometimes the front side is coated with a thin film that protects the wallpaper from fading and abrasion ornament. More often than not, the price of paper wallpaper is directly proportional to their quality.

Positive aspects of wallpapers

They are eco-friendly and accessible. Paper wallpaper without special coatings are able to absorb moisture, allowing the walls to breathe. Before gluing them necessarily perfectly aligned walls, such as wallpaper easily take any form.

The negative aspects of wallpapers

Good quality wallpapers are not cheap. Glue them, more often, have to overlap, ie,ak as, otherwise, the seams begin to diverge. These wallpapers are well absorb dirt. A wash paper wallpaper is undesirable because of the high probability of damage.

Vinyl wallpaper

This type of wallpaper consists of a film of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and a substrate of synthetic fabric or paper.

Leetsevoy vinyl layer can have a different color and texture. On low-quality wallpaper vinyl flooring, often partially applied to the substrate, rather than continuous.

By the vinyl wallpapers include silk screen wallpaper, roll width by up to 90 cm.

Such wallpaper heavy and not passed through a air flow. Their foreignparty is not able to absorb moisture.

Vinyl wallpaper are fairly common type of wallpaper.

Their main advantages:

vinyl-coated wallpaper can be cleaned with a damp cloth. They are durable and do not absorb dirt.

Cons vinyl wallpaper

They do not breathe. Some of the types of wallpaper is not recommended strongly rub, as this may damage the outer layer.

Textile wallpaper

They bilayer. The first layer - paper basis, the second - Textiles made of linen, cotton or man-made materials. Textile wall have a smooth and dense structure. Their mYou can wipe the brush and a vacuum cleaner.

The main advantages

They have a wide selection of colors. Textile wallpaper environmentally friendly.

The main disadvantages

The disadvantages include a high price for a roll and some difficulties during the pasting wall.


They consist of flizelinovoj fibers serving the substrate for the relief pattern of foamed vinyl. These wallpapers can be painted vodoemulsionkoy or emulsion paint.

Pros non-woven wallpaper

They can be repeatedly repainted. They are not picky when okleitAANII walls.

The main disadvantages

Non-woven easy to mechanical damage. They require almost perfect alignment of the walls.

Glass wallpaper

Their structure consists of glass fiber yarn, create different texture and pattern. They can be painted. SuchWallpaper characterized by wear resistance and long service life.

The main advantages

Glass wallpaper have fire resistance. They can perform the functions of reinforcement.

negative characteristics

The disadvantages include a small selection of ornaments and textures.

Nateral wallpaper

They are two-layer. The first layer - a paper substrate, and the second - natural plant fibers and yarns (bamboo, reed, beech and other natural materials).

Positive traits

The advantage of natural wallpaper is their nepovtOrim texture, gives the interior a special exotic look.

Cons natural wallpaper

They strongly absorb odors and dust. Ignite easily.

Liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper - a special blend of natural cotton, silk or cellulose fiber withadding glue. They are somewhat similar to the decorative plaster.

Positive traits

Liquid wallpaper can be applied even on uneven surfaces. They are environmentally friendly.


These wallpapers strongly absorb odors. Are easily damaged. Apply them better experienced workers.

When choosing wallpaper will be useful two proverbs: "miser pays twice" and "It's not gold that shining". Everything is simple: make a bad bargain - have to buy a new wallpaper, buy too expensive glamorous wallpaper - have them tchatelno monitor so as not to tarnish this treasure. Choose a middle ground and wallpapers will be gladacce your eyes for a long long time. Successful purchase!

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