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Furniture - freestanding or embedded objects premises that are designed to conserve cat itemsorye uses people, and this device for lying, sitting, adopting different postures. For furniture include: chairs, tables, stools, chairs, beds, mattresses, sofas, tables, racks, cabinets. The furniture, the following materials: Particleboard, chipboard, plywood, MDF, veneer, laminate, glass, mirror, different (MDF, aluminum and metals) profiles and accessories: handles, guides and supports. What types of furniture? Furniture can be classified into: functional, structural and technological characteristics, purpose and appearance.

By appointment furniture is:

  • children;
  • Bath;
  • for the living room;
  • hallway;
  • bedroom;
  • kitchen.

Above we have listed the most common types of furniture for other purposes that can be naiti virtually all homes. But, this classification can still add furniture: gazebos, porches, mansandry, pantry, backyard, garden, dining room. Also in this classification can include furniture for public buildings: offices, catering (cafes, restaurants, canteens), government agencies, educational institutionsd.

Classification by type of furniture:

  • Cabinet;
  • Soft Seating Group. &Nbsp;      

Classification furniture assembly:

  • prefabricated (which consist of the parts, and then build the integrity of the product);
  • disposable (if the furniture was originally created as a unit).

There is also furniture such classification as vmontovanost : sometimes assemble furniture in the building, most often it is storage.

Speaking of functionality, there being understoodtion of such furniture that after transformation can perform very different functions. Also there is a bent (made using bending technology) and children Furniture . Recently, it was children Furniture gained peak of its popularity, because all parents atso that their child has grown in an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. By the way at an affordable price you can on the National trading floor "Hand in Hand".

The classification of design

Here is the question, "How to make a combination of very different pieces of furniture looked like the most natural and as a tseLoe? "This question is important, because the furniture is very rarely changeable element of the interior.

In theory, everyone knows that the furniture has a direct purpose - to make the home beautiful, comfortable and cozy. What is usability - is to ensure good living conditions for absolutely everyone in the family, comfort - the transformation of the homebstanovki, making her home, warm and unique; beauty - to maintain the integrity and harmonious combination of absolutely all the elements of the interior by: location relative to each other, proportions, size, color, shape. But to realize all of this in practice is very difficult. Your house and furniture, which he staffed should display your: level image of Ms.situ, life values, focus your interests and personal tastes.

Of course, you can not torture, traveling to furniture shops in search of chairs to the table before you have purchased, and buy in a store first enters your furniture set or set (kitchen, bedroom, dining room, children's, for aThe executive, for the living room). Those who are choosing furniture guided only by their: physical facilities, taste and desire - to take into account the purpose and size of rooms.

Of course, the furniture sets are suitable for rooms that have only one purpose (for the bedroom, bathroom, office). A room that combine zones for various purposes, it is more convenient to furnish, by selecting different subjects or their groups for each of the zones. And by the way, you do not have to pick up a similar or completely identical finish and style of furniture of different groups. On the contrary, the difference between them will give the interior rooms of originality, vitality and expressiveness.

What kind of furniture can be called perfect? One that: different rational design and concise, comfortable, corresponds to a normal functional, easy to use, elegant and noble (thanks tactful selection of decorative, texture, proportion and color).

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