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NFC - new technology of communication between electronic devices

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Technology exchange of data betweenmobile devices, there are many. Some are used in modern mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and laptops (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, infrared), and others are not. One such development is yet unrecognized technology NFC (near field communication).

The story of technology NFC

Although the first operating transmitters and receivers NFC saw the light in 2003, the technology of data transmission over short distances while not widespread. But this does not mean that it is worse than already in use.

It works through the use of new technology with radio carrier hFrequency of about 14 MHz. Feature of its application is the ability to use not only active controllers, which in themselves are complete stand-alone storage devices, and passive connection points – something like a plastic credit card with a magnetic carrier.

The most closest analogue oneshnologii NFC is Bluetooth. At approximately the same principle works in both of them have their own « pros » and « cons & raquo ;. Conventional technology Bluetooth is much greater range (10 m to 20 cm), NFC, and transmits data much slower (0.5 Mbit / s to 25 Mbit / sec). However, unrecognized technology allows Practmatic instantly establish a connection between two mobile electronic devices. A temporary index is 0.2 to 6 with at Bluetooth.

And if the data rate can be considered a significant drawback, the short range and how the lack of dignity and how. The fact that a short distance transmission of privacyialnoy information more secure from fraud. And all kinds of viruses and malware at short distances « catch » much more difficult.

Developers data transmission technology NFC are confident that their innovative idea, though not widely used in mobile devices, can be successfully applied in the future,such as the introduction of contactless payment systems or in the alternative development of e-passports.

Since 2004 NFC promote and popularize electronic giants such as Semiconductors, Sony and Nokia. And in 2011 the program to promote the new data transfer technology is still joined and International Informationgiant Google, which by the way has proposed its own version of the protocol for exchanging data on devices running Android.

And though now, at the stage of completion, NFC has some drawbacks relating to the safety and quality of transfer of information – they are easy to handle. In addition, it is fair to skazats as the nearest competitor Bluetooth technology also is not without significant drawbacks, the main of which relate to security issues of mobile devices during communication with each other.

Whether or not the new NFC technology remains to be seen, but now it is clear that the existing and popular methods of data transmission yesLeckie from ideal and it could soon be found a replacement.

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