Mental arithmetic: what is it?


What science has always been in favor and necessary for human life? It is: biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics. In this article we will discuss the latest science, but rather this element as arithmetic, but not simple, and mentally.

If you have the desire, so that your baby showed a serious knowledge of mathematics, began to count like a calculator, then you need to get acquainted with mental arithmetic. By the way, in Almaty the door in the mental arithmetic will help you "UNICUM".


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Mental arithmetic is called the ancient method of learning very quickly account. But now, besides the development speed of the calculations, teachers aim to develop thinking.

What is mental arithmetic? This technique is based on the principles of functioning of the 2 hemispheres of the brain. The left, in turn, is responsible for the analysis, speech, logic, rationality, and right for spontaneity, imagination and dreams. Utilizing at the same time 2-VA hemisphere, you can achieve startling results.


How the training of mental arithmetic?

the Training is in spec. schools that teach children aged 4 - 16 years. During their studies the children are 10 to 12 levels, each of which lasts about 90-120 days. Lessons 1-2 times a 7 days.

1-1. 5 year kid can realize in mind the different calculations with 4-to 5-digit numbers.

the Work takes place with the help of the abacus (an instrument that is very similar to the scores). Initially the children learn to interact with them physically, through perebiraniya fingers of 2 hands the bones.

Over time with each subsequent workout, this tool becomes a part of a child's imagination. As a result, children are already fully based on an imaginary abacus.

training centres, training computing, it involves an appeal to personal qualities of students. If You want, that your child became independent, diligent, self-motivated, then give it to on mental arithmetic - it develops all of these qualities.

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