Trading is a great method to make money online

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Trading is the trading of different shares on international stock exchange and also trade options, futures, currency and other financial instruments. Forex is also true in this concept. Today, trading is 1 of the best methods of earnings in the Global Web.

the Main task of this difficult lesson is to buy cheaper, resale is more expensive.

Accordingly, the trader name of the person who engaged in the trade of foreign exchange or the futures market or the stock market whose goal is profit through sale / purchase of various securities.

How's going on ? Acquisition of shares on the stock exchanges takes place directly through a broker intermediary that charges for their services a Commission than he lives.

Exchange the name of the place which directly and buyers meet with sellers. The meeting itself takes place online, i.e. the person does not need to go somewhere in order to buy shares.


Why we have to work through brokers?

this is due to access to the stock exchange the person should:

  • License (it can only get after completing the course spec. training)
  • Entrance fee. To participate in the auction, for example, on the MICEX stock exchange (here are the main shares), the person needs to pay the registration fee in the amount of 3 million rubles;
  • Need spec. Software (software) that is also not enough.

Therefore, the services of management companies, brokers and other professional participants of the stock market today so popular among traders. Remember: to trade on the stock exchange an independent, bypassing the intermediaries, it makes sense only when you are ready to do it professionally and seriously, and also you have substantial capital.

If a man has a large start-up capital then he can trade in the stock market by the 1st of the many brokers.

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