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daily rent of the apartment is the best alternative to hotels. That is why a great number of visitors are eager to rent the apartment, so the number of apartments submitted to the daily rent is growing rapidly, but as the number of people wishing to make money, both honestly and by cheating.

If you have decided, for example, inexpensive, then you can do this in several ways:

  • at the station, upon arrival at the city;
  • from friends or friends of your friends;
  • in the estate Agency;
  • via Internet.

what you should pay attention renting an apartment for daily rent?

  1. to Choose an apartment, it is necessary given the purpose of the visit. Initially it is necessary to analyze what places you will visit and what transport is and when it is you will benefit. On this basis it is better to choose an apartment in an area that is closer to the places you plan to visit it often so you get rid of the need to develop very complex transport routes to the location, and also save your time;
  2. If you plan to watch all of the apartments personally, then choose the one which 100% suits you on the technical equipment, comfort level, and General condition. Also, do not see a lot of apartments over 1-in the day because with each new apartment you will forget about the advantages and disadvantages of the previous one.
  3. Look at all that is in the apartment: hot water, plumbing, quality of repair, district, neighborhood, availability, and efficiency of appliances, presence of light bulbs, quality television, health outlets, etc.;
  4. Very carefully and read carefully, and match the lease. If you are not strong in these questions, then it is better to consult a professional lawyer, because the lease imposes on the tenant's specific obligations during his stay in a rented apartment.

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