What is the exam ielts


Now a lot of people claimytayutsya pass such international exams in English: IELTS, FCE, CAE, TOEFL, and others. Some people want to get a certificate to confirm their own level, others need it for work or study abroad for a successful career, for immigration.

How to pass the exam

OverOften, the exam itself is selected depending on the purpose. So for work, study or immigration abroad usually need a certificate or IELTS TOEFL. And despite the fact that appeared earlier than TOEFL IELTS, IELTS certificate is gaining popularity.

Those who recognize the results of the exam

Results IELTS exam accept most secondary schools and universities in Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK. In the US, also increased the number of universities that accept the results of IELTS. In addition, you will need an IELTS certificate in the case of immigration to New Zealand, the United Kingdom,Australia, Canada. IELTS is recognized by most employers in various countries including Brazil, Vietnam, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Turkey and others.

Evaluation of the exam IELTS

IELTS is a diagnostic exam. This means that fail the IELTS you do not succeed, and 0 pointsyou can get only if all do not come in the exam. In all other cases you will be given a certificate with your assessment: from 1 to 9 points. As a rule, to study at universities you will need to score 7-7.5 points for immigration - 5-6 points.

The certificate

The certificate IELTS — 2 years; after which you will again have to confirm the level of English yakykom. It is this different from the IELTS exams Cambridge group (which   in perpetuity) and is similar to TOEFL. However, you need to remember that Mr. kebridzhskih certificatesa specific application. And despite the fact that a large number of number of European and British educational institutions are taking CPE and CAE, in our case, the university is always looking for the "age" of the certificate. That is,   if we talk about the real possibility of using the Cambridge certificate, it « perpetuity » ceases Efedimensional concept.

The IELTS exam allowed to take more than the Cambridge exams groups: now in Ukraine there are several centers that accept IELTS. To pass this exam, you can prepare yourself, or hire a tutor to finish. &Nbsp;

The purpose of the exam IELTS

The purpose of the IELTS test is to evaluate the four basic language skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking. IELTS is" integrated "exam. This is evidenced by the fact that during the exam evaluate everything and language skills all assessments that you will get the same contribution to your resulttat. Although each of the IELTS and is focused on a specific skill, his job is very often involve the use of other skills: the most observed in these parts as "oral part" and "Letter" (examinee responses are based on previously read or heard them information).

resultsyou and a certificate

IELTS certificate you get to the 13th day after the exam (by the way, the results are available in the online and watch them on the website, you can: http: // www. Ielts-moscow. ru / exampass.html), while certificates TOEFL come no earlier than 28 days and Cambridge - just3 months.

What are the options for the exam IELTS

Now there are 2 options exam IELTS: General module and the Academic module. General need for those who want to leave for permanent residence or work abroad, and Academic necessary for those who want to enroll in a foreign university or graduate school. Under ArticleISTIC, 30-40% of all Ukrainians who pass IELTS choose General module, and all other selected Academic module.

The numbers that are associated with IELTS

Around the world, more and more willing to take the exam IELTS. It is also interesting the following: The best result of putting General moduleIndia, Malaysia and the Philippines (where the average score in the Ryan 6,5), Academic module — in South Africa (GPA — 7,88).

Here are some interesting figures on IELTS: people who rent General module, often go to (37%), Canada (27%) and New Zealand (30%). Those who pass the Academic module go to all the same to Australia(37%) and the UK (42%).

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