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for anyone not a big secret the fact that their own anthropometric data, especially on private parts, strongly influence the self-image and psychological balance. Speaking of the woman, this object of attention is clearly her Breasts. The higher it is (within reason, of course), the more confident in their abilities, becomes a liberated woman. Therefore breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world, including in the German clinic T-Klinik .

Why is it?

surgical intervention, albeit with a cosmetic purpose that is accompanied by General anesthesia, quite naturally causes in women concerns or even fear. But the essence of the problem is that to correct the breast size through exercise as do men, is simply unrealistic. The fact that the female breast consists of glands and connective tissue, not muscle, which counteracts such attempts. To compensate for congenital or acquired "defect" can iskluchitelno surgically, through the introduction of a polymer or of fat mass.

joint replacement

This is one of the main methods of increasing the size of the female breast. In practice it is more called implantation, either from the names themselves impostov in Western practice, whether because the wording sounds less intimidating than a prosthesis (although this fact does not change).

Choices of size, shape, and material of the implants depends on the situation, the health status of women, the presence of certain contraindications. At the clinic T-Klinik uses the products of the manufacturers of world renown and impeccable reputation, for example, Allergan, Polytech. As a rule, they possess a textured surface that greatly reduces the risk of complications in the postoperative period.

the Process of the surgical intervention to last no more than a half to two hours, and then for 10 days the patient is observed to have the stitches removed.


This method is a new word in mammoplasty. In this case, is ready for the implant into the subcutaneous space through a micro puncture pumped your own fat tissue, for example, taken from the buttocks or abdomen. In this case, no scars are formed, completely eliminates the risk of allergic reaction, it is possible to further adjust the shape of the "donor" areas of the body. But more importantly, so is the complete lack of recovery period and almost immediate results.


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