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according to who statistics, half of the world's population in one form or another faced with the problem of hair loss. And we are talking about pathological situations, because normal, healthy people daily can lose up to 100 hairs, not risking to start the process. Naturally, this situation affects the overall morale, confidence, especially at a young age. In Germanskoy clinic Alamouti practiced traditional and innovative, robotic methods that can effectively deal with pathology at any age.

Why hair fall out?

In clinical practice there are several causes or their groups, which in varying degrees affect the growth of hair on the head. Partial loss can be caused by hormonal changes in the body, lack/surplus of enzymes, for example, dihydrotestosterone. Temporary weakness and brittle banal can cause anemia, a shortage of vital vitamins and minerals. Also affect the process of genetic predisposition or the presence of severe, including cancer, diseases.

patchwork Method

This approach in clinical practice is called the STRIP. Used in cases of severe hair loss or the inability to influence the process in any other way. Its essence lies in the fence a private donor material from other parts of the body or of the head where hair is quite dense, and its integrity is not broken: neck, back, shoulders, legs. In the process removed a small patch of skin with active hair follicles, which then sits in the problem area.
One of the main advantages of this approach is the possibility to cover a larger surface area of the head. But it will have to accept the fact that in places the donor grafts will remain small scars and the rehabilitation period is likely to be heavy possible prolonged swelling of the face.

Fence bulbs

to Avoid surgery possible using FUE techniques of donor hairs. Unlike the previous method retrieves not the flaps of skin and individual hairs from active follicles. Obviously, this option is applicable if there is extensive balding.

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