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according to statistics, more than 60% of the male population is facing the problem of integrity of hair on the head or simply put - baldness. From year to year, this pathology becomes, which clearly has a negative impact on morale. In the Hamburg clinic transplant doctors Mohaba widely practiced , with high accuracy, performance and much less trauma to the patient.


FUE technique and its benefits

In contrast to the patchwork STRIP surgical method, this option eliminates the need to fence groups of hair grafts. FUE or Follicular unit extraction (literally translated as "follicular unit extraction"), refers to a fence of single hairs, or rather of the micro-groups (1 to 5 follicles) with the subsequent "landing" in the problem area. The withdrawal of donor material is carried out with tweezers, but direct transplantation involves the use of a special thin needle or drill.

One of the key advantages of this method is the use of natural donor structure. The micro grafts represent a healthy group of follicles, the mechanisms of growth which is not broken.

Another huge advantage is the lack of the need to make surgical incisions and sutures. Thus can be used local anesthesia, and the place of transplantation, usually delayed for days. and of course, the risk of contamination in the wound infection is almost zero.

But it must be clearly understood that the procedure of sampling and transplantation of micro grafts is much more difficult and is, as a rule, 2 or 3 sessions.



Before the donation of micro grafts, this area is a short shave. Seizure of follicular Association with the tweezers, but you must first make an excision or cutting the bulbs. For this purpose the previously mentioned thin drill bit/needle. Thanks to modern technology in particular to the robotic ARTAS complex, you can ensure almost complete engraftment of donor micro grafts. Because the procedure is quite long, important and time-consuming, its cost is significantly higher than that of the classic STRIP method.

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