How to become a croupier in a casino?


Today we will talk about how to become a dealer in a land based casino. First of all, this material will be useful to those people, who never worked in the gaming houses, as many casinos are looking for young people without work experience, now let us tell you why. We also consider the main points associated with the training of the croupier. In addition to the salary, dealers get extra money as a tip. It is also a good incentive to work.

If you have never worked as a croupier, you have to start your career with training. Typically, every casino to learn their "chips" of applicants. Training takes place in the course of three weeks. During this training you are taught to believe, nice to deal cards, to serve and collect chips to run the ball on the roulette wheel. Together with this dealer must calculate the expected winnings of the client. To do this fairly quickly multiply. For quick calculations, and assumptions of the wins clients must have a great memory.


Many casinos are inviting candidates for training, pay for training, though each institution, different rules and this point is clarified. Most likely, the dealer will receive a small compensation, which will take on the job. In today's reality has only a few casino officially permitted gambling zones. Therefore, to get a job in a casino not so simply. It will have to leave his hometown and go to another place. Unless of course you live in another city.

it is Important to note that you must have a neat appearance and there should be no visible tattoos on the hands and neck. If you meet all the requirements, increases the chance of becoming a croupier. Training is carried out by a special system, so each participant has a good chance to become a dealer. Difficult at first learning to control the cards and chips. The ball is on the roulette should also run on a specific technology but it is completely not difficult after practice.

After training you get the opportunity to get to work. First you get the status of a beginner who just started the work. The more you work on posts dealer, the more bonuses and the opportunity to climb the career ladder. Mainly dealers of youth.

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