The types of apartment heat meters


Given the gift from the government before the new heating season in terms of almost 100% increase in tariffs, it's time to think about how to make your apartment energy efficient and to define still how much heat it receives. It is no secret that the majority of the existing housing stock (apartment buildings) "heated" centralized quarterly or municipal boiler-houses. The tariff structure in this case depends on the heated area, which basically gives the utility and the individual and to the state, a wide scope for outright fraud. With this formula will have to pay regardless of heat supply enterprise in good faith to fulfill its obligations or frankly "volinit". In this scenario, the housing are the only chance to prove his innocence and to demand reduction of payment.

the Structure and types of heat meters

If you consider this device to account for thermal energy generally, it is possible to distinguish two main blocks:

  • Computing. This electronic processing unit, and accounting information. Uses external or built-in standalone low-voltage power supply;
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  • Measuring. In fact, this unit is a set of temperature sensors and flow meter. This combination is not surprising, since in the mathematical formula for calculating heat flow, can be traced to its direct dependence on coolant flow and temperature difference between inlet and outlet measuring points.

Classification of apartment heat meters built on the type and mechanism of the consumption of coolant:

  • Mechanical or vane. The simple, classic option of the flowmeter. Such devices are most affordable, easy to maintain, and as the battery use the battery. At this end of his dignity, as his working site (impeller, impeller) wear, water hammer and also not able to store the daily volume of information;
  • the
  • Ultrasonic. As sensors, this device uses a boxer placed the emitter and the signal receiver. It is much more informative, allows you to work remotely and does not create additional pressure in the system, unlike mechanical. However, such a device is sensitive to water quality, the presence in it of air bubbles and stability of operation of the power supply (power supply may require the use of BIP/UPS);
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  • Electromagnetic. The most compact model of flowmeter that operates on the principle of hydrodynamic generator. Accordingly, very sensitive to nearby electrical and water quality: salt deposits on the electrodes can affect accuracy of indicators.

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