Illuminated flights of stairs


If you dig deeper into its own memory, it would appear that the risk of getting any injury is always there, sometimes even on level ground. What can we then say about the owners of private multi-storey buildings, the path on the top residential area which lies across the stairs. Even during the day, with more or less normal lighting one awkward movement can cause you to fall. Especially need to worry about security if you have children and in such circumstances, one of the best options is to install the steps.

Benefits system

Installation of additional lighting of the staircase, or rather, each of its steps, sought-after, because it has a number of objective advantages:

  • Security. The use of illumination allows you to visually identify and focus on each step. This is especially true at night;
  • the
  • Aesthetics. LED lights a very functional solution because it allows not only to solve practical problems, but also to create a new type of interiors, bringing with them a unique warmth and comfort;
  • the
  • Compact size. Each element of the system is a universal solution that allows you to quickly and easily mount it on the ladder;
  • the
  • Convenience. Despite the fact that the lighting components are plugged in, no need to click on the switch to activate or deactivate them. Responsible for all installed around the perimeter of the light sensors and motion;
  • the
  • Efficiency. Themselves LED elements sometimes consume 10 times less electricity than the usual incandescent and even energy saving lamps. Automation of their work improves these indices.

the Device and principle of work

the Entire system consists of several basic units or sets:

  • Fixtures. By and large this is the role of led strips, which are placed in special boxes or silicone shell. This approach was justified by the possibility to arrange the illumination level throughout its length, not in one or two points. It looks much more aesthetic and practical;
  • the
  • a Set of motion sensors and lighting. It is a sensitive elements that perceive environmental conditions and provides alerts to the Manager node, in order to guarantee Autonomous operation of the system;
  • the
  • Controller. This is, strictly speaking, a brain and a lighting system, which based on the sensor energizes the LED elements at the right time.

To minimize the energy consumption, day lighting does not work, even if the stairs someone is moving, so the sensors perceive it. Night, the first and the last stage cells unambiguously covers only at a minimum. This is done in order to be able in relative obscurity to Orient in space and not include the main lighting of the house. In other respects, the principle of operation is as follows: when a person is approaching triggered a motion sensor, and the controller begins to turn on the LED elements of each stage. Generally, indicators are set at the beginning and end of the span, but there are also options when using multiple intermediate sensors.

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