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If before the person becomes a question of Vosstanovlenii lost tooth or more, the main options are usually two: prosthetics and implants. Articles about the advantages and disadvantages of both methods written a lot. The basic thesis of all discussions are positive and negative aspects of these procedures.

Prosthesis implantation or

Prosthetics seduces a cheaper cost, lack of recovery period, and contraindications. Implantation attracts harmony and full compliance with a number of artificial teeth, engraftment in this way, natural. In this case, the restored teeth retain full functionality of living, including Thetea chewing pressure redistribution function and activation of metabolic processes in the jaw bone tissue.

If we talk about the alleged high cost of implantable teeth, it is debatable. If we consider that the implants, with proper care, placed once and for all life, it is necessary to bridge prosthesis IUadopt no less frequently than every five to ten years. Thus, it turns out that the classical prosthetics maintenance costs and replace dentures paid gradually, and in the case of implantation – lump sum.

In the United States passed a law that the dentist, if necessary, primarily to offer the customerimplantation, and only in the event of failure of the patient, to offer him other treatments. Many domestic dentists are of the same opinion. Gradually reorientation with classical methods of restoring teeth to a more modern. Limitations in dental implantation not greater than other surgical procedures. Greatdignity of people with average health quietly tolerate surgery. Cases of rejection of implants are extremely rare, almost completely excluded.

Innovative introduction

Manufacturers complexes each year improve their development: many have given lifelong GaranTII for its products, almost all protect against counterfeiting their physique special unique codes, produce materials and tools for faster and easier operations implantation. Perhaps a bad moment implantation procedures can be attributed quite a long time that they occupy. After implantation pin, nIn spite of the tight fit it into the bone tissue, should take three to six months before the artificial root is fully integrated into the fabric. Developers have tried here: leading manufacturers of implants coated with bioactive coating their surface, which dissolves, accelerate the process of healing. Only after diagnosis nolnoy osteo integration possible establishment of a tooth crown. Experts recommend using one piece ceramic crown, which imitates the natural tooth. Care should be taken when selecting the material for crowns, some of them cause an allergic reaction. Because the studied well enough, many of the effects can be hutsezhat, if you follow the simple rules.

The recovery period requires the patient to certain limitations. This applies mainly to food. It is necessary for this period to select products that do not require thorough mastication. Recommended for soups, mashed potatoes, vegetables frayed. To avoid inflammatory assignedI take antibiotics, which completely eliminates the reception of alcoholic beverages. Smoking is also better to limit the time for it. Flour constraints over time, flow into the joy of obtaining full of teeth and a beautiful smile. Time moves forward, and implantation is clear evidence of the evolution of dentistry.

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