Vibor washing machine and repair


Today the washing machine is no longer aa luxury, but an essential element in the household each family, as a necessity, which greatly simplifies our favorite women from the drudgery of laundry and clothing. Household products market offers a wide range of washing machines, but to determine the final choice is extremely difficult, as Mr.uzhno considering the huge number of indicators. To make things easier to navigate give some basic criteria that should guide the choice of:

  • Decide on placement machines, its size and the amount of washing drum;
  • OutdoorFirst appearance of the washing machine can be with vertical load that is safe enough, if a family has small children, and front, which are more voluminous and dimensions allow for unlock once more linen;
  • clearly define the class of the washing machine and the functions that it Covera. That is the class of push-ups, laundry, energy consumption, which depends on the cost of electricity for 1 kg, the laundry, shows class Washing efficiency laundry, drying and the like;
  • The definition of the scope of the drum. Pre-emption of the washing machine carry out the volume of 4.5-5 kg. But for moreFirst family ideal option would be a drum capacity of 7-9 kg, saving your time and costs of electricity;
  • If you can not focus on the specific model, the right choice will help make sales managers of household appliances and engineers of the service centers.

Be kind technology has the ability to break down. Make an urgent and high quality repair help service center" Moscow-Master ":. Turning to us, we will conduct a detailed analysis and troubleshoot any problems at home, and at deeper pick faults in the studio , resulting in your washing machine will be fully repaired. For a complete list of services or consult with our experts, you can by calling 766-12-13.

Service center "Moscow Center" will repair all washing machines, regardless of brand, model or configuration. Knowledge in the field of the staff has sufficient experience,that quickly and easily cope with malfunctions of any complexity. Its major advantage is that the given service center provides service after warranty repair the washing machine at home, then the owners will quickly return to household affairs.

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