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Israel - a country in which human health are paying very bolshoe value. According to the laws of Judaism, human life comes first, and therefore is an important principle of health promotion and disease management   person.

Even in each of the Temple of Jerusalem has always been the position of the doctor. It should be noted that during the time of the Crusaders was the first hospital,which provides services for the treatment of both men and women, regardless of their religious beliefs, and Jewish patients also were provided with food.   And today, the health care system in Israel is one of the leading worldwide because she pays much attention from the state. It is in Israel, the highest number of doctors per odtion resident and treatment is available to various segments of the population, so Israel is ranked fourth in the world for life expectancy.

Living in Israel are quite high indicators of health status and treatment system is constantly introducing new developments in the field of medicine. All clinics are equipped with Israel  the latest technical equipment, and they have a high-quality medical care. But there are times when something happens to a person, and next to no medical facility, it happens during a natural disaster or victims are in remote areas, and   perhaps there was a trouble with a citizen of another country, and his cf.must be delivered in person to their homeland. In such cases, the aid comes sanitary aviation: .

Air ambulances

Air ambulances in Israel has extensive experience in the transport of heavy-patients in different corners of the globe. It is no secret that conventional transport very hard dleave the patient in the clinic he needed, and medical aviation aircraft, equipped with modern   equipment for transporting patients to easily cope with this task. A team of experienced doctors will do everything necessary to ensure patient comfort and speed of flight.

Before transporting Pacient first check-up, which will determine his condition, and after arrival at the final destination for the plane will drive an ambulance, which will take the shortest time to the treatment site. The decision that a patient needs transport to another hospital very often takes the head physician of the medical institution where the patient. Preparing for the flight takes only a few hours, during which time the vehicle is equipped with all necessary facilities, as well as all conditions comfortable trip.

Air ambulances needed in those cases where timing is everything, and the slightest delay can lead to deathhuman. Air ambulances - is the latest achievement in the field of medicine. Thanks to this ability to quickly deliver the patient in any hospital of the world, saved the lives of more than one person. &Nbsp;

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