What is the maintenance of commercial buildings and premises

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All properties that we useed person can be conditionally divided into residential (including a subsidiary for personal home use) and commercial (residential, commercial, industrial premises). The main feature of the type of property is a commercial profit from production processes or stored in their property. This, in turn, are assumedGaeta fairly intensive use of all facilities, including space and equipment, and utilities (electricity, water, sewage, heating, etc.). It is normal for any technically complex system is a failure, since any system and any of its constituent element has a certaingenerating resource, which can vary widely depending on the nature and intensity of the loads. Typically, the operation of large commercial areas involves competent logistic support in order to avoid significant downtime areas and equipment. This is not only because there is a desire to get a handsome profit,but also in terms of financial downtime and illiterate logistics. Now imagine a situation when disturbed due to technical reasons the process, for example, short circuit, open circuit transmission line, a breakthrough communications, violation of the integrity of the structure of the walls or ceilings, etc. The consequences of such large-scale disruptions are dostatNormally the serious, and in addition to downtime (ie financial losses from inactivity) can carry a real threat to the life and health of personnel. Therefore, any normal owner of such premises shall periodically with specialized organizations with staff, experience and authority to perform such work. By Anaogy with the automotive industry, where there is also the concept of service in respect of vehicles, building maintenance of commercial premises allocated a certain structure, staging and frequency of work. Here there is the concept of planned maintenance and preventive maintenance. The concepts are very similar, poskolku their task is to maintain the health room, at the expense of performance equipment, its scheduled maintenance (depending on output) and modernization.

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