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In modern society, it is difficult to find a woman that wouldn't care about the shape and proportions of his own body. This is quite natural - it is necessary to maintain the image of beauty and to keep in good shape male part. However, correction of the buttocks is not always caused by the influence of the fashionable environment, sometimes there are objective physiological factors, body condition, etc. In the center of plastic surgery Yuveo in d?sseldorf with these problems sufficiently to fight effectively.


In medical practice, "edit" forms of the buttocks in women boils down to two main areas:


    Increase size. Used in the physiological underdevelopment of the muscles and, as a consequence, the impossibility of their correction by means of physical exercise, or decreased muscle tone in quick weight loss;

    size Reduction. Tightening the gluteal muscles, respectively, is used when the volume of the buttocks exceed the expectations or desires of their owner. The procedure is clearly performed through surgical intervention, but her method is determined by the magnitude of the problem.

the Increase in buttock

a Variety of genetic, physiological factors, the effects of disease or metabolic disorders can lead to the fact that exercise does not help at all. Depending on the situation can use the following methods:

  • Lipolifting. Fence involves the adipose tissue from other areas of the body and its subsequent injection into the problem area. Relatively simple, non-invasive and safe approach;
  • hyaluronic acid Injections. In the same way as in the previous case, no surgical intervention is required, the risk of complications is reduced, but the result usually will not be felt for more than 2 years;

    Implantation. Surgically to solve the problem of increasing the volume of the buttocks is possible by the installation of under the skin or into the muscles of the polymer implant.

Tightening of the muscles

If the volume of the buttocks more than necessary, then there definitely will need surgical correction. Another thing is that the surgical method also depends on the extent of the problem. For example, if you want local defects, we can restrict circular incisions in the problem areas, or to use the method of telementoring (the implementation strand of the mesh). If more problems, the operation can affect the fabric on the sides and even belly. Definitely need a period of rehabilitation with the obligatory wearing of bandages.


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