Aches and pains in the stomach

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Gastralgia - often cramping pains in the stomach, rather hourthat is encountered in diseases of the stomach, as well as a sufficiently strong vegetative neurosis and other diseases unpleasant. Pain is usually in the stomach, as a rule, felt pretty good in the 4 - th left intercostal space between. The first thing to do, pain in the stomach and kidneys - is an indication for DunnOn the type of diagnosis. You can also pass a diagnostic procedure, as "Japanese".

The most different can be a pain in the stomach and thus have a different intensity. Chronic gastritis in women does not give such intense pain. This is what can cause simply ignoring the disease, while the man does not know that he was sick. Peptic ulcer also pronounced pain while getting low intensity. Also, these may seem like a pain from stomach cancer. But this is not an exact fact, as this disease can also cause a person to suffer greatly and even privergatsya to methods of pain relief. Perforated ulcer, when her pain becomes much tabletopthat can overflow into a painful shock, its significantly different disease duodenitis. But it becomes quite complicated definition of the disease is the nature of pain, because pain symptoms can beat individual.

The nature of the pain of such diseases of the stomach often can simply indicate not only that any andMr. disease, but also of a sufficiently serious complications. So the sudden appearance of a bitter and rather burning pain in patients with conventional gastritis, peptic ulcer disease simply may indicate a difficult accession solar plexitis.


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