That will bring us a new Windows Phone 8


Before talking about the review of Windows Phone 8, it is necessary to tell that the railwaya device owners older models. Most likely, they will upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8. It is necessary to announce that finally received an answer to the question, what exactly is going to do with a simple device holder of the first and second versions. In particular we are talking about the HTC Titan or Nokia Lumia 900.

Regarding the main onychnih advantages of Windows Phone 8, is in the first place, NFC support and a high-quality display with high expansion. These phones like Lumia 900 will not be able to take advantage of new features, but Windows Phone 8 also brings additional changes are pretty good in the old display that users can use today. Microsoft ensures official update to version often Windows Phone 7.8, although it will work in the future on the core CE but includes additional features Windows Phone 8 will not.

The new display Start in Windows Phone 8 often includes new three elements, and in particular such as:

  1. New colored tiles - Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8 is present a large selection of colors;
  2. tiles of varying sizes - small, medium and size of « double width & raquo ;;
  3. Remove the gap on the right that allows you to evenly distribute themon the screen.

Nokia has said that supported Play To DLNA, ie counters intended for informational data, Nokia Music 3.0 and Camera Extras for modern phones Lumia

Platform Features Windows Phone 8:

  • Support for NFC;
  • Multi-core processors;
  • Nokia Maps (maps) are integrated into the system;
  • Built-in Internet Explorer version 10.


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