Windows Phone 8

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Windows Phone 8

Management of Microsoft company announced the release of the new release of their own software platform, designed for different models of smart phones. This is, as many might have guessed, the operating system Windows Phone 8under the code name « Apollo». The earliest models of devices running this OS will be presented in autumn 2012. Currently, users and software developers are looking forward to Windows Phone updating. In the case of transition to a new core release, borrowed from Windows 8 Embedded Compact, will be held significant changes in the configuration of software development. This, of course, will impact on the distribution, and consumption of applications.
Windows Phone 8The creators of applications for Windows Phone 8 expected real expanse, on which, of course, there is a good reasons.  The new core will allow to create software developments for this kind of platform to almost any Windows-programmer with appropriate qualification. In addition to all Microsoft employees advise to use the languages ​​C/C++ for mobile applications compilation. This will allow to turn a large set into a single executable code. Also, Windows Phone 8 is equipped with a large number of important technologies, which allow to move the games from the desktop editions of Windows and create new ones. In general, there is support for the famous game "engine" called Havok. In addition, the new platform can operate DirectX-game. « Apollo» will be provided with the same file system (NTFS), which applies to desktop editions of Windows. The same applies to network components, security tools, systems, which are responsible for working drivers. Above all, the developers took into account the level of abstraction of used  devices under the name HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer). In any case, Windows Phone 8 under the code name « Apollo» is equipped with the modified version of Internet Explorer 10 browser (taken from the Windows desktop 8).
For corporate customers is very important to have such technologies as: BitLocker (encryption of information), and Secure Boot (for the protection of the boot process). Thus, many companies will be able to create and distribute their own internal developments for Windows Phone platform, using a special "cloud" or the official site, avoiding corporate app store, which is called Marketplace.
smart phone, Windows Phone 8New models of devices with Windows Phone 8 will support multi-core processors. The first device running "eight" will be dual-core processors from ARM-company Qualcomm. New mobile operating system differs by 64 physical cores support.
In addition, consumers will receive the support of memory cards of MicroSD format, anti-phishing system (taken from the Windows desktop 8), the HTML 5 standard and faster processing of scripts in JavaScript. Still need to acknowledge the support of a large number of interfaces. For orientation on the terrain, users can use a special technology called Nokia Maps, which maintains detailed maps, autonomous work, precise navigation on the specified routes.
About the development of applications it must be said, that there is a multifunctional tool, which is called SDK. This development is designed specifically for Windows Phone 8. The standard environment from the Visual Studio series can be considered the best alternative for the development tools. The same applies to a XNA series in the field of game development.

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