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manipulation of the consciousness of the nation

Today in the sufficiently sharp context remains a problem of propagation of screen violence, with its extremely negative impact on the teenage audience.
 A modern boy finds out the actual reality in many ways from the reflected "pictures of peace". And the main role here, of course, plays audio-visual culture (film, television, video, computer networks). Unfortunately, their influence on the moral education of the society is far from perfect.  Sometimes in conditions of the commercialization of informational agencies they make a devastating effect on the viewer.
Today no one can deny the negative impact of "television" violence on audience, especially teenage. It is interesting that TV makers themselves can no longer keep quiet about their role in the spread of aggressive images.
Measuring the impact of violent movies, social scientists turned to the initial hypotheses such as imitation, and catharsis.

First - is the real crimes of young people, repeating situations and ways of acting, seen from the screens. Especially amazing is a fact, that young criminals themselves often associate the guilt in their crimes with movies with scenes of violence.

 The hypothesis of catharsis was laid in the philosophy of Aristotle. It is a growing aspect of the psychoanalytic concept, according to which society imposed many restrictions on the individual, forcing him to live in accordance with the principle of "reality." As a consequence, some of the important aspirations of man are not carried out, so he falls into a state of complete disbalance between consciousness and activity, caused by the inability to achieve the goal.

mass media

Unfortunately, unlike Western countries, where the state program of controlling the on-screen violence and protection a children from it, are performed, in Russia this problem is still remains ignored by the state and public. Among the many causes of this indifference, one is evident: the evolution of morality not keep up with scientific and technical progress. This also applies to the media, improvement and operation of which offer individual freedom, but also pose a threat to her.
Media influence on all stages of the socialization of modern man. But if politicians and businessmen responded very quickly to a total power of the media on society and owned the most influential of them, then the leaders of the social and cultural spheres remain on the sidelines.

Violence, which promote and demonstrate the modern media, is becoming one of the basic norms of behavior of modern youth.
Media Revolution, which was one of the basic factors of globalization, subsequently gave a rise to the media- terrorism as one of the basic and integral directions of activities of global terrorism environment (international terrorism).

Thus, modern terrorism, linking themselves with the latest systems of mass communications, has no boundaries in space and time, although not yet destroyed the politico-psychological and politico-legal frameworks. Exactly through the mass media the impact of terrorist acts is not only reproduced and reinforced by the indirect methods, but also gradually created a virtual space, within which put real political power requirements to the State, formed a means of pressure on the interstate, international and regional relations.

So, using the demonstrative power of television as a main component of the modern mass media and unlimited capabilities of the Internet, the terrorist environment forms effective tools to achieve specific political goals and to satisfy the interests of their regional groupings.
Through these directions of terrorism increases the overall public danger from attacks and acts of terroristic environment as for international relations and international security, as for the national security of many countries, including the constitutional order, the rights of citizens, society and politicum. First of all, under threat of destruction is provided a political security of those countries, relative to which government the most active terrorist acts and their media support are directed.

mass mediaIt is believed that the active and effective use of media (especially television) by terrorists of modern times, takes the countdown from the Munich Olympics in 1972, when Palestinian terrorists seized the building with the Israeli athletes.  Exactly since that time television became increasingly demonstrate, comment, replicate the attacks and their consequences, what further contributed to the emergence of international terrorism or the development of a global terroristic environment. Therefore, mass communications have become a central factor in the formation and development of the modern global terrorism and its ramifications, a direct effect on other types and areas: cyber- terrorism, biological terrorism, and so on.

Mass media have become the mouthpiece of the glorification of terrorist leaders like Osama bin Laden, Basayev and other, what also added opportunities for the deployment and diffusion of new and existing terrorist groups. They contributed to the agreement and correlation of actions for achievement in space and time horror scenarios through the demonstration of actual deaths of tens, hundreds, thousands of innocent people not involved in any aspect of this brutal fight.
After multiple demonstrations of the terrorist attacks on the United States, the events surrounding the school in Beslan, a series of daring explosions in the subway in Moscow, the terrorist attacks in Iraq, Pakistan, India, it became necessary to study and analyse directly such areas as media terrorism, which became a separate psychological and social threat to humanity.

This should mean in the future, or attenuation, and the end of this phenomenon, or the deployment of a new round of this terrible spiral for mankind.
If we review an interpretation of some events in the Old Testament, then their rethinking from the position of assessment of terrorism development will actually look like in such a way that all the riches and resources of the country, including water, crops, agriculture, vegetation; people, countries (For example, Iraq); animals - can become the objects of devastating attack. That is, - a program of deployment of terrorist threats from mythology to the modern reality.

mass mediaCurrently, the terrorists learn information weapons. Modern developed societies are dependent on electronic databases, analyze and transmission of information. Thus, many of the vital sectors are open to unauthorized impact, which can paralyze the entire country.
The current dependence of civilization from the informational component has done civilization far more vulnerable, and the rapid and wide dissemination of informational networks has increased many times the power of this information weapon.
Modern man in modern society, with intensive development of systems of mass communication, without proper preparation and knowledges, can not be completely free from the influence of the mass media.
From the side of the State as the main defender of the population is expected to implement policies to protect the public from misinformation, unethical methods of presenting information and control on information flows in the mass media. However, today information attack is the most popular method used, for example, during the election campaign. And in Russia, where elections are held every 4 years, unlikely government will want to refuse such effective methods to influence the electorate in the struggle for seats in parliament.

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