Belgium (officially named the Kingdom of Belgium) is located in North-Western Europe. It has borders with the Netherlands - in the south,  with France - in the west, with Luxembourg - in the south-east, with Germany - in the east. Washed by the North Sea - in the north-western. The total area of ​​the Belgium is 30,528 square kilometers .
According to 2011 year the population of Belgium is 10.4 millions people. Two main groups that make up the population of the country are: the Walloons (approx. 40% of the population) and Flemish (about 60% of the population).

Belgium Currency - Euro

Euro (& euro;) is a Belgium currency. In money circulation denomination banknotes of 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 Euros and coins of 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cents.
The official languages ​​of Belgium are: French, Dutch and German. The predominant denomination in the country is Roman Catholic Church. Other major denominations and religions: Protestantism, Judaism, Anglicanism, Islam.

The capital and largest cities:

Brussels, capital of Belgium Brussels is the capital of Belgium, political and cultural center of the country and the entire European Community. The urban population is approximately 1,007,000 inhabitants. Brussels can rightly be called "main gate" of the country - the trails that pass through it, lead deep into the Belgium. In addition, Brussels is a convenient station for railway transport, cruising from France to the Netherlands.

Today Brussels is the seat of the diplomats or businessmen, it is the headquarters of NATO and the European Union, however, there are so many interesting places for tourists in the capital of Belgium. Brussels is great, cozy and rich in history. The city is a living embodiment of the heritage of the north culture in its very best.

Belgium cities are unique: Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp, Liege, Kortrijk, Mechelen, Marche-en-Famennian, Ostend... Any of them can surprise the tourists with historical monuments and unique atmosphere.

Activities and Tours:
Belgium is a paradise for lovers of educational and health tourism, gastronomic tours, nightly parties and excursions. Tours in Belgium is very popular because of the favorable geographical location of the country. Precisely in Belgium is located a famous resort of Spa. Holidays in Belgium - it is interesting tours to Bruges, Antwerp, Waterloo, Ostend, Brussels, where you can spend your time and see the medieval architecture.

Beach holidays in the country is not very popular, however, you can find excellent beaches, pine groves, casinos and golf courses on the shores of the Baltic Sea in Ostend or in the small town of Knokke-Heist. Excursion tours to national parks and nature reserves of Belgium deserve special attention. A gastronomic tour - it is famous beer Stella Artois, a delicious Belgian chocolate and Belgian waffles.


Saints Michael cathedral belgium

A list of the main attractions of Belgium form: the bell tower, castles and numerous monasteries, but the strongest impression is made by the towns of medieval architecture, clean streets, embankments and bridges of local rivers.
The most important symbol of Belgium is a small statue of a young boy (Manneken Pis). It is located in Brussels, at the corner of Oak and Banna, near the Grand Place.
  Bruge's Béguinages is located on the western outskirts of the city, the complex consists of the church of St. Elisabetta, traditional cells of Béguines novices, and administrative facilities.

Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula Cathedral in Brussels - is a famous landmark that attracts thousands of tourists. Brussels Cathedral on the cultural value placed on a par with the Cathedral of Notre-Dame and Antwerp Cathedrals.
Atomium in Brussels is one of the most important attractions of Europe along with the famous Eiffel Tower.
The most visited attraction of Belgium is Park Mini Europe. The park offers visitors a unique tour. In an area of ​​nearly 24,000 square meters are located models of 350 buildings and 80 cities.


The climate of Belgium

The climate of Belgium is rather mild, temperate marine. The average January temperature ranges are from +3 ° C to -1 ° C, July +12 .. +18 ° C. Quite often there are periods in which the weather breaks a seasonal rhythm - blowing the summer wet cool winds, and bringing cold weather and lingering rains, in the winter sea-cyclones bring damp and warm weather. Precipitation falls usually in the autumn and winter, November and April are the rainiest months.


Belgian national cuisineBelgian national cuisine - a strange mixture of French and German culinary traditions. There are actively used: seafood, butter, potatoes, cheese, meat. Traditional snacks are: asparagus in Flemish, a variety of sandwiches with cheese, onions and radishes, shrimp and tomatoes.
The first meal is usually represented by fish soup. Everywhere will be offered a variety of steak sauces, in addition to which the "Frito" (potato slices) is often ordered. Popular "Flemish carbonate" (pork fried in beer), rabbit in beer, salty cheese pies. On dessert are offered: waffles "ripple", caramel biscuits and cakes, meringue and cream, of course, the famous Belgian chocolate ("Godiva," "Leonidas", "la Corne Tucson d'Or").
Belgium's national drink - a beer. The best-known brands are Stella Artois, Trappist, Gueuse, Maes.

Interesting facts:
In Belgium there is the highest income tax among the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
Holy Roman Empire was founded by a Belgian.
Royal Palace of Brussels is bigger then Buckingham Palace.
The very first printed newspaper was published in Antwerp.

Visa processing:

Consulate of BelgiumConsulate of Belgium is engaged in registration only business visas or visas for individual private invitations.
Documents for registration:
- A valid passport.
- Three photos of the 3 × 4 (for one arriving person).
- Certificate of employment (including seniority, position, salary).
- Personal data.
- Copies of documents that prove ownership of real estate.
- A certificate of currency purchase (calculation - 70 USD per day of living in the country for one arriving person).
The consular fee for a visa is 35 euros plus the visa fee is 900 rubles.


Embassy of Belgium in MoscowBelgian Embassy in Moscow:
Fax: (+7 095) 937-8038
Phone: (+7 095) 937-8040
121069 Moscow, Mal. Molchanovka 7
Consular Section:
Fax: (+7 095) 937-8039
(+7 095) 937-8049
Admission: Monday - Friday from 10 to 12 hours.

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